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On last weekend, I was discussing with a brother friend about the difference when we went to prom and all the fanfare  and how “old”  we really  felt. We were excited about the send off parties because they have changed tremendously!

But , here is also a sad reality about the downside of the craziness of the day!

A 17-year-old Romare Wilson,  was shot in the neck  and his cousin, 4-year-old Jacele  Johnson, has a gunshot wound to the head gathering for a prom party.  In my mind I am trying to really understand the purpose in the heinous acts done by  these individuals! What’s the point of shooting a gun…all because?

This infuriates me to no end. The fascination with  firing a gun for whatever reason in their foolish minds…I hear all the consistent excuses for why human being decides to take a gun and shoot another human being.

Where did the gun come from? I don’t care where it came from…someone used it! Then I continue to hear people coddle the excuses of how one can get a gun.  When your love one in lying in his or her own blood.

Honestly, do you think the first question one can ask is …Where did the gun come from?

You are first in shock that an idiot would shoot at an6one in a crowd for kicks!

I know some of you feel that getting a job, and education might deter
some of the violence. This is minor compared to the key componets of keeping to what real family structure is. What is so amazing to me which is just plain common sense…Is the heart of any monster that decides that they want to fire a gun at other folks. Here is the other mind blower… What got them so hung up in eliminating each other?  Since when is being deprived and poverty is a reason to shoot, maim, or kill anyone a reason to shoot a firearm aimlessly.  I hate when I hear this nonsense.

Where is the consciousness? …Educated, non educated, rich or poor. I have told many there are many so-called “gang members” serving in the Arm Forces. This society picks and chooses what they denote the term “thugs” and or criminal .

 The dynamics of stereotypes that  these are always poor, uneducated people shooting guns. Or with the “elite” organize crime or it’s called mental illness. All of it is crazy!

When we just saw “demonic grown men”… of all walks of life in a motor cycle gang?  Many factors might contribute to why one would turn to a life a crime…. Lets, deal with some roots. 

Bad behavior is often ignored in this country and don’t get me started on some of the parenting skills! People know what they stood for.  Why are we expecting positive results when they are consistently presented with negativity?

Angry children become angry adults.   My personal experiences of dealing with ignorant adults who have the nerve to have children.  It’s an insult to me… the immaturity of really believing children are easy to raise. I am exposed to the results when a lack of self respect is missing and forget about morals and boundaries. This is frightening to me in our communities and even the lack of moral structure within the the church of today.

Everyone has a story… and there is a tendency to tip around calling people monsters and monster parenting is a definite root for violence. We  refuse to believe that the rebirth for the monsters are getting well out of control.  If the first child’s father skipped… why am for two. This means if we don’t take some internal assessment of what is really “killing” our people more. Gun violence wont be the only real issues that will soar out of the rebellion!

And here is another spin on a some of the violence …Whether we admit this or not… There is no element of surprise… People in our family dynamics live other lifestyles and this exposes their family for retaliation or opens the door for the gun smoke shoot out to set in motion.

Lastly a bold slap to the face, is what many people embrace and want to pretend to ignore there is a problem in the home.  Get bold…. Ask questions!  I have too much personal experience with gun violence and how it has affected my life… I have lost too many lying in their own blood in the streets of Chicago as well as other parts of the United States!