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Beelzebub… Lord Of The Flies and Prince of Demons. Known as one of the seven princes of hell.

Some Christians are sleeping about the little pestilences in  their lives. However, Exodus 8… Shares the events of the fourth plague of out of 10…Almost at the half way mark determined to be a mean machine. Pharaoh decided he was going to have a Burger King moment…going his way… All proven to be just sheer stupidity…

Believing first of all, he could somehow “handle” this God of Moses…Whether anyone can handle the “prophetic signs”…We are in greater need of an awakening in our hearts and spirits! I don’t care what you do today…Get confirmation from God. Although man might be a conduit…Strong discernment is necessary… A lot of deceiving and deceivers living among us in these last perilous days!

Really?  Let’s go here… compare… We are like this today… With the Pharaoh’s in our lives… God calls for change but Pharaoh, foolishly tested the power of God on all attempts…

The number 4 represents the four winds, four seasons, the elements of the earth, water, fire and air… 

Yet, God hammered Pharaoh with the plague NUMBER 4 which was a judgment of flies…Flies are pestilence that can bring a lot of damage and can be more troublesome when  the flies leave maggots and multiply in huge numbers.  One fly can produce a lot of damage it leaves residue of where it has been along with its germs of parlaying in feces and garbage! There is no such thing as a clean fly remember that!

Flies also represent uncleanliness! 

I can recall  some  years ago… I told about this dream publicly  about the “flies” on the altar in a  church… Everyone was abruptly  running to the front doors of the church because someone was either shot  or murdered outside the church but I never moved from my posture of prayers. I saw the “flies” while others ignored them.  I knew that there was some purposed distractions for making them run to doors to see!

Yet, in my heart… I knew whatever it was outside it was mere tactic of us not focusing on the flies that entered the church on the altar.  I begin to pray … but I knew this was a “plague”.   Only one older lady came back and she begin to ask questions because she knew I never left the altar because I knew bigger problems were from the inside… And  I knew if the  “flies” was there that had to be some  manure some place…. To understand this you must understand “Deliverance ministry”… Often times people transfers spirits. Whether its directly or indirectly.

Principalities you are not going to fight in your flesh… it’s that time of warfare. Although we should be better informed.  The Flies are in our communities for a reason.

 Too many coincidences one might believe but these are signs of the time for more and more demonic attack. Satan can’t be whipped all because one knows Theology…A greater power can beat satan and his weapons of choice even if it is gun violence. 

If we are about the truth of God’s Business… PRAYER … is your one and only first line of defense… Moses got instructions from God how to handle Mr. Pharaoh and his nonsense!  Your own strength can’t go into the enemy’s camp making demands…unless you are first equipped the weapons against the warfare.  Satan is never afraid of ignorance. Remember he births it.  CALL TO ACTION… IS NEXT… You have directions from God on HOW TO SEIZE AND MAXIMIZE EVERY MOMENT.  Violence can be stopped in our cities but here is one thing many people have a tendency to believe…that they don’t have to check themselves and evaluate to see if Beelzebub is Lord in their lives!

He is afraid when you are armed in  God’ truth for taking territory… The truth is a lot of people might pray but the enemy knows who belongs to him as well. Some folks prayers wont touch God… because some folks actually belong to satan and operate fully against God’s people. People have a hard time accepting deceptions is any place including our places we think is sacred..

So , he is never intimidated with any  fake prayer warriors…They operate in no authority from God!  Satan isn’t afraid of anyone he owns to keep his manure intact!

Oh yeah…back to the flies…they represented that whatever prayers had been prayed hovered around garbage and manure…Which leaves the “Believers” open for a false sense of reality. The reality is that it was mess that drew the flies… Watch who prey over you… Ask God to cover you because everyone beckons in more demons than God’s presence and because there are some distraction some things  are slipping at the altar…

My point REBELLION IS BIRTH OUT OF BAD DECISIONS.  Make sure you are not apart of it! We can march for peace… but what good if you  are one of the ones that are  birthing rebellion? Are you challenging the negative behavior in your own children? So many things can be quenched if we only “obey” God by exposing some of the nonsense we should address.  We overlook small things in our lives that curb violence. Parents who ignore what they need to do… to just be parents!  

You can’t rebuke satan and then live like him!

Flies are flies… attracted to the mess in any of our lives… Dope dealing draw flies, speaking evil draw flies…witchcraft and manipulations…draw flies… Get the picture… Ask yourselves what exactly does my spirit draws in?  Does is draws God’s peace or does it regenerates evil from negative behaviors? Whether its physical or spiritual…You don’t need any plagues…

Check and see why the flies are drawn…Check your shoes… to see what you might have  spiritually stepped in!