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Betty Shabazz, Civil Rights Activists and Educator

Born , May 28, 1943 – Died June 23, 1997

Every year… I have to  re-introduce that awakening to the universe…The power I believe this woman possessed and what she endured.  Raising six girls alone and still she rose to the top…like the cream of the crop that she was!  There are only a selective few women I hear about but they wont capture my spirit that way Betty Shabazz has.  th (11)

I tell people all the time many slept on her wisdom and her strong discernment.  Her spiritual sense and to educate our people, I know was off the charts. 

How she faced bigotry, betrayal and the murder of her husband  Malcolm X. as she did… amazed me!

The challenges she faced  showed  her incredible courage and strength. I don’t  hear really hear a lot about “Betty Shabazz” yet, I make it my business to remember her and I plea for others to educate themselves about her! 

Happy 81st Birthday!!!!