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Exhibitionist…is someone who loves public displays power and personality a compulsion to be seen when it should remain private…

Counterfeits … are never the real deal, an imitation with the intent to defraud

There were some  professional roofers having this conversation…Although to come in on the tail end of the conversation…

They both stated that  “blacks are the most racists people”  in the world and no one addresses the fact they have a lot of issues and  never seem to get over them. And that they seem to have double standards when it comes to their own.”  I knew some parts were very true… and here is why.

Yet, when the rubber meets the road…l SAID…It’s time to talk about the toads. What got me to thinking about many issues why we can’t seem to unify on all fronts. Is all about “egos”  and loads of pride. What I can’t understand why as a Christian many can’t seem to address things with the truth whether it’s popular or not. They all too careful of what they say and how they word it with the public  …but will buck superiors and authority! 

 I spent time with another social activist here in Chicago. I listen attentively as he also “express” the division among some of the “activists”  and their organizations  in the city. How they limit themselves and everyone collectively has a piece to the puzzle. 

I thought about this before even making any attempt to pray about what to exactly write. I just express the best way I know how  because lots of time …Truth isn’t that popular and I personal don’t care how much of what I write is received. The injustices that I see deserves the “spotlight” and often people seem to hang on the persons and not quite what the truth is. 

What I have learned being involved… for many years. Social media and press serves it purpose but I know many that some capitalize and build their own personal momentum instead of the real mission.  I just observe and watch the games! I have seen certain activists leave if there aren’t any cameras and no huge crowds…

 I guess I got the “oops upside my head”…When I saw more people about “opportunity” than the struggles of the people. I had to realize that many use the people as leverage to some degree but when the dust settles it’s all about them. Yes, I do understand why the church don’t care for a lot of the community leaders… They can barely run their own houses and prefer to spend all their time “trying” to make sure they run yours.  I can’t value your belief systems for the betterment of our people if you are a fraud!

 I believe that many started out right but my God today they are a “vision for the sorest eyes”. They are just lost and some actual believe that they are really  helping our people. they get by on just enough to convince the people that they are helping but all the while they live off the backs of some ignorant people.  

Why I personally  kept my focus had to do with how  God kept me grounded with looking just how “ugly” most of them act and how they play their games. I didn’t want to be a phony, and I was careful of what and who I attached myself with. Although many appear as if they helping the people the façade in this game is to act like we are this unified front. In actuality, you have to wonder why it all has gotten so twisted?. Big names I have come to realize all you have to do is pay attention and sooner or later you can get some idea of where they are coming from. Unfortunately too many that know better get suckered into the beliefs of our people. The reality many of our people don’t trust them!

I totally agree, that  many of their leaders and not mines lack a lot of integrity… and the limelight is big business in Chicago.  I prefer to just do my part and keep it moving.  Fighting for my civil rights  I thank God for those who were sincere Generals in the movement. The rest of them I rather not give my personal opinions on the garbage that might seem like they are for the people but the key to that is…Watch who they are and what they surrounds themselves with. 

Of course, we are all human who have faults, but I am very leery of people who say they are for the people and they lack integrity. We have made leaders to be these “gods” and to be honest when I did my homework… Some were awful human being behind closed doors.  I know how many of you like to skip the ugly parts… And quote all the misgivings in the bible…Like King David, Moses and all they other leaders that God chose. If the bible is going to be that weapon used I can handle that.  Lets not dissect and perverse God’s word to suit the messes and many of them had more than messes…try scandals! God can raise anyone from obscurities that’s not the problem.  I have seen the lack of integrity in my people and I have also seen many of them played on. 

My mission is that clarion call that we better “wake up”.  I honestly know that one reason that Dr. King’s dream  can’t seem to thrive is because many leaders today are fraudulent and or deceptive in many ways. What dream? And why would God give Dr. King a dream and its all based on lies. You see, when you come at the Babylonians customs that many so called Christian have adopted then we can surely trace the nonsense of the rest. 

I had to come to resolve that there are truly two “Social Justice” and one if counterfeits. Although many cry that they care I also know that many run from being “flat-footed” and dealing with the real social ills of our people. Stepping around them you might remain in a posture as some kind of leader. But if you are one who “claims” that you are a Christian… I thought being a person of character was important? We have a lot of misplaced morals and values. 

Many might be in a position of authority over me…but I understand I am to pray for them even when they walk in err. Whether you are a Christian or not… I have a problem listening and being around someone who lives professes one way but live the exact opposite. It’s call a hypocrite.  How many are really left that will walk that tight rope? I am disgusted on all fronts. I see too much and I definitely know a lot about the community leaders who have circus acts and circus trainers. They will all have to see God for some of the mess they represent.

 I can’t be a person that goes along to get along! I am almost sure of it that too many of our people have warped sense of structure and values. Liars should never lead anyone especially when they claim they are Christians.

My questions and assessments  are  thought-provoking but take sometime before you think you have the answer…

ASK YOURSELF, when no is looking… How much of this is about me and how much of this is honestly about the conditions of your people?… How can you be about regeneration God’s people living dual lives?  How can we teach and educate our people based on lies?

The way you evaluate where you really are… I dare you to ask God just how please is he with your behavior and your agendas?… And where is GOD’S AGENDA IN ALL THIS… If it brings conviction,  you are rationalizing and wrestling….Exhibitionist, or Counterfeit?

You are on the wrong side of God you are therefore apart of the counterfeits in this arena!