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The words expressed are that of Writer65 and not of Pastor Michael Pfleger…How can anything be reconciled being torn apart? How can anyone get healed telling lies?  People are in total denial when it comes to what is the right thing to do. I don’t care if he is your favorite Priest or Brother.  He is sick if he is or has molested a child or children.  The church is religious because I should never have to a plea for the people to come forward with the truth. The word of God is clear yet, we seem to look at God’s word with loop holes. Are you serious? Rapists are rapists simple as that… I

t’s amazing at the crazy stuff I see that drive the institution of the church mad and people get bent out of shape over habitual religious order …but the cry of a child isn’t serious enough to me.  People are too afraid to call the church mess out… God tells us about keeping the church from blemishes like this.  Religion has a way of covering the lies …but relationship exposes them!

Unless you have seen, experienced or heard many stories of spiritual abuse in the church. It can leave   terrible wounds in your spirit…no one cannot act as if rape and or sexual assault is not a “serious” problem in ANY CHURCH OR DENOMINATIONS.  

Due to the use of other devices that exposes more things very quickly!  And this isn’t just a “Catholic” situations.  I can go one for days about the abuses I get wind of and nothing is ever done about it. 

Some alleged “Bishops” in the Church Of God In Christ… being brought to an open shame…you name the perversion they possess it!  So called Pastors and High ranking leaders in the government bodies of the church  posting up pictures of themselves to be selected for homosexual tryst and married to women. The unfortunate scandals does bring such a blemish on the church.  God warns of this nonsense and gives us the formulas to not get caught up in the foolishness of day.  Yet, when adults make decision that children will be their delight… I am beyond disgusted! 

The lack of honesty when it comes to  all these  problems inside the church.  I can’t share enough about what the influx of demonic entities that seems to take over.  How can I as an adult express more than the  creepiness I see and what a child can share?…

All the hermeneutics in the world can’t fix the damage that has already been done. We can’t perfume the funk in the church.   What irritates me to no end is when the church continues to act as if we don’t have some major problems. They only went major because too many things done in the so call name of God… and have not been corrected or alleviated. Where is the love in watching people who have been violate experience the maladjustment of not feeling normal again!

For some religious group when you are placed on the pedestal without proper emotional and spiritual guidance…It’s not a wonder why so many people are messed up in what they have traditionally bought into. Traditionally being a “priest” was a way to bring honor to the family.  When in fact anything that made as an honest living is an honor.  Traditions are more than dangerous there is no graduation in God. Priests today compared what is in the bible is totally different.  Consecration of the men of God they were respected for being in relationship not a vocational attribute! Being a Priest doesn’t make you high on anyone’s list…especially if you are a servant of God. 

Certain areas many religions goes into is almost frightening trying to preserve traditions and hiding secrets.God is about true relationship, accountability, transparency, character and integrity… He isn’t about hiding criminals. When someone has sexually or physically violated you it is a crime… There are so many emotions coming forth but we can’t begin to compensate or replenish one’s life with just monetary benefits…but what about the damage to the human soul? Rape is a violent act… and it’s time to give the devil a black-eye and expose what’s really happening in all religious sectors!

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On tonight, the ABC I-Team Investigative Unit is looking into some alleged sexual and physical abuse in certain local schools in Chicago… please check your local listings and pay attention!