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Regardless of whether you are in the poorest neighborhoods or at the highest law firm. God violence will affect your life sooner or later. This sick fascination of shooting at human beings like you are hunting animals.

I always hear who the problems belong to… Until a nut job goes to your child’s school and shoot up all because he or she is disgruntled in some fashion. We must stop be so dull on this issue. The violence in Chicago is really off the meter!th (36)

However, what grieves me today, more than ever is when “school children” are denied recess  here in Chicago because some idiots are irresponsible gun users. We cannot give into “fear” and we cannot afford to allow criminals with guns to shoot, kill or maim our people. Yes, everyday I understand why parents are fleeing and thinking of alternatives like HOMESCHOOLING . Who wants to bury their loved one especially a child? Come one something has to change and Now….

 I am literally outraged that “our children” can’t be children due to the “war zones” in this country!