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What I am about to share maybe too  much for some readers to handle… Very graphic and very violent every sense of the word. 

Kalief Browder committed suicide today… When you hear of his story being false imprisoned…his life goes in a downward spiral of being attacked by the so-called justice system, abused by his peers, and neglected by what I believe is “public outcry and public outraged”… 

His story was publicized by a fantastic journalist  Jennifer Gonnerman… from the New Yorker…Who expose the violence in one of the worst prison systems in this country!

  The story is beyond frightening and this hurt my heart because I know that there are many more just like this young man who was allegedly arrested for stealing a back pack and spent three years in Rikers Island. A thousand days in prison” waiting on a trial over a “backpack”.  Seriously!  This bothered me terribly today when I learned all the psychological damage he endured while waiting to heard over a “backpack”… 

Watch the videos…It will change your outlook on life!