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In all fairness and my personal assessment from the inside as well as the outside I shared my experiences living in Chicago. I didn’t quite live in the worst areas but it was different from block to block. Although I was terribly frustrated with the disrespect, and sheer  ignorance…

The constant telling individuals to stay off the lawn that didn’t even  live in your area,  no respect for their own people nor their property. Some actually would be sitting on your porch when you got in from  being out. 

Their ongoing party  debris,  the consistent mobbing together on a corner was disturbing, and sometimes the crowds would quickly grow into well over 30 people standing  loud talking ,drinking, and getting high all at your house. A party that you are never invited to. The mindset of bucking authority, and not respecting is a major problem.

I saw no respect in many of them but I stood my ground.  And to be honest, people really didn’t care until  they stayed safe guarded in their homes!

Often times I had to be confrontational.  What really got me is when these people never cared that they were destroying the community this was apparently acceptable living situations even among the so-call neighborhood watches. 

Yet, I hear very little  in the community meetings about the non-chalantness of just how raunchy and ignorant  the behavior problem many of them had beyond the documented “gang members”. The lack of maturity and the poor parenting skills. No one wants to offend anyway. Many are repeating the same “dumb” rebuttals I have heard for years. Our ancestors had less but they didn’t behave like they lived in caves! There is a major re-birthing of rebellion in many people all across the board.

My neighbors never said a word… just complained!  It was an ongoing battle to just keep the neighborhood looking nice.  What truly amazes me was all the sideline talks but when action  needed a push I was definitely on my own.

I was born in Chicago , although I have lived in other places besides Chicago.  I have never seen so much opposition for change even it is for the better. The strangeness of  the allegiances to bring help from the inside is amazing alone. No one is paying me for my commitment for social change as human being living in this country. 

Good neighbors have suffered hardships due to the violence in Chicago.  Trouble might be everywhere in the land but you know when we are dealing with a huge concentrated number in violence…

We have to come up with better solutions and stop sugar-coating just how bad it is.  I remember the stress of knowing a dead body was the corner and here comes the “yellow tape”.   I would cry but I had to pray and DO SOMETHING!

There was a human being that was generally an African-American male under 30. Lying in his blood. And here is something that really troubled me… People would get out of their vehicles to walk and see the dead body as if this is was normal and it was sick spectacle of the situation.

 Back in the 60’s when the  thought the times were getting a little rough in Chicago, my mother moved immediately for me to have a better chance at life. Considering…My mother  had great job working for Zenith. It was never quite the same after the riots after Dr. King was murdered.

As I reflect to where Chicago is now… As beautiful as “some” parts of Chicago is. There is still many things I believe Chicagoans stay in denial about. People don’t stay in the “war zones” because they love it  one reason is because they can’t afford to move out! If you live in a place where there is constant violence, there is the emotion of becoming desensitize to this is the way it is. 

Regardless how disenfranchise many were with being socially, educationally, and economically disadvantage …I still saw very little concern with community progression. I agree many of them need to get their houses in order. The foolishness of the day is still denial on both sides of the spectrum.

We can’t expect the police to stamp out the violence, alone…  they only enforce the law. Which is something that seems to be so difficult for the people to grasp. And the outrage has never been on how many people are dropping the ball in their own homes and within our community.  You see being honest and straightforwardness makes the people angry but look at the rapid decay in just the violence. 

The truth is regardless of how  oppressed our people are there are still some things we need to do for ourselves. Our focus as a people always deem to be imbalanced, because the deeper root of why it’s all wrong is never assessed. We have some serous internal situations.  The problem of violence in Chicago is terrifying… and the body counts are getting higher. I know that many of our people have had the butt end of being disadvantage but we must still be responsible for our part in keeping it together.  Awareness is no longer the issues it’s what will be our solutions. Every story might not be like mines but I know the hell I experience. What reputation Chicago has isn’t controlled by one movie call “ChIraq”… Power of life and death is your mouth… Situations are not resolved by hitting the “mute” button all because one might feel the way one person might see Chicago.

War zones are in various” HOT SPOTS ” all over Chicago. Even I have to rethink my paths in which I will travel day or night. This is a harsh reality for some people to get a grasp on. Regardless of how much I love Chicago and proud to be an American we still have some issues that need to be addressed. I don’t care where the help comes from it’s help. The silliest hang up should never lie in “egos” and people marking territory.  I express being united even with the differences but I see this has always been hard to go. Too much disrespect and power tripping during such  time of heart break. 

I am very sorry, that what is exposed isn’t pretty but it’s the TRUTH.  I can’t make light of what is taking Chicago to it’s knees… To be honest how many will drive through certain parts of Chicago even tourist. Changing the image of Chicago, we can’t start at just the violence cleaning house will take more than a Spike Lee film in Chicago for a short period of time.