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thGCXCYIBX THE WORDS EXPRESSED ARE THAT OF WRITER65 AND NOT OF PASTOR PFLEGER… Lets get that out-of-the-way to clear the air…so there will be no misunderstandings or  miscalculation on who said what. thDJ1GCY7Q


If I ever needed God it’s now…and the truth doesn’t need any side boards.  And I say this sincerely and in the truth.  Before he ever came to Chicago, there is nothing I don’t support when it comes to Spike Lee.  Yet, what I am about to share is “straight up and with no chaser”.  It might anger some, and I might get a few likes but it’s okay what I am about write in this post. ITS THE TRUTH!!!!

Growing up in my “School Days”… John Singleton and Spike Lee were on their way to be  two very established popular film directors who the black and brown communities admired.

When a movie was going to be premiered the gangs then…was just a  ton of us got together to have the Spike Lee Experience. We loved his craft, his style and so forth,.. and I am nothing but a little taken back with all the shenanigans, the haters and all the performances here today.

Mr. Lee, has come to Chicago go do a movie called “Chiraq”… I have never questioned his integrity on how the movie will be done.  He does what he does… brings his perspective to mainstream America. He doesn’t need my input but he does need some insight about the lack of truth!  Chicago opportunists are lack crabs in the barrel they all get together when the camera is rolling! It’s what’s behind closed doors that renders progression!

I am not a Spike Lee groupie… I study what he does,  I study anyone who is bringing something to my table or my  front door. I don’t get up and decide that I need to be mentored by a fool all because the masses might scream their name or want their autograph. That doesn’t impress me one bit. I need to know what is his method to his way of revealing truth and being the truth, so I our land can believe for the healing process. One movie isn’t going to change the dynamics of Chicago but the movie can bring some kind of unity!

I don’t get into impressions they are deceptive. People can present themselves one way and do the exact opposite when all the newness wears off. It’s always wise to wait to see what anyone is working with… who they are and what they respect come to the surface.

I don’t have to smooth Mr. Lee’s fur and put on these fronts … because I know that the truth has a way of coming out where and what the real issues are … most are egos and the rest are serious Chicago challenges. 

Mr. Lee  is still just a mere mortal and  I respect him because he has a way of presenting the truth in another perspective and he is history maker in his presentation. He brings awareness and provokes the masses to think of it… this way!

Personally, I don’t think that the movie challenges and  situation totally lies with Mr. Lee it’s who Mr. Lee is linked to that might be more of the problem than anything.  The one problem that I f know that exist with many of the political figures and some of the community activist is two faces. The fascination with a camera and posted up with the most popular that alone blows me! Really? You should see how many are so desperate to be in a power play mode. Stupid as it is… The cut throats  are often the leaders that pimp the poor and mis-educate them! Urban areas cry for great leadership and taken a hit for the “TRUTH” for the team might it! Being a “truth teller” isn’t popular…it’s what the people “believe” that they want for the moment out of sheer emotions…

Chicago is strange place for native New Yorkers… Some prefer the local crooks, to lead them to stay in the mindset of Lo-debar…instead of an outsider who wants the truth to be revealed that can show them a better land for promise…

 Outside “truth fighters” are always  seem to  be stoned with the persecution of not being from this town but will keep the deceptive in his or her placed in finest of pseudo-bliss of fantasy of we change it by just pretending it doesn’t exist!

Jealousy with some… in fact, some Chicagoans are sheer cameras whores.  I can’t tell you just how “thrilled” that he has arrived in Chicago but there is still the darker side. I am however, not surprised at the  audiences the man has to get even when the cameras are not rolling. Ideally this is really how some “fakes” do it in Chicago.  For whatever reason when someone comes from what they believe is the place of power and the elite. Here comes all this “showing off” people are more holier and some are actually believe he is a judge in the next American Idol. 

How embarrassing is this?   … Now in my own thought process… I know that this man is an observer,  smarter than the average bear…and he can sense when the manure is coming.  And from my observation… He is definitely a man who has a quiet nature, but is revolutionary when change needs to be addressed… He  desires learning and studying. Okay, this might deter the average opportunists…  because greed don’t have time to study or exercise some level of patience for structure…but wait a minute? Not  if  this is apart of the norm…  

With all the political backlash, the cutting through all the hoops in Chicago…I hope he doesn’t leave with the idea that the city is kind of “special”… All that glitters definitely isn’t gold. People are looking for a Savior… He ain’t it. When I saw all the horse and pony shows… It will take someone with the litigated gall to say… Enough is enough…What’s more important? The star struck opportunist see this as leverage … I have to propose these few things…

I have to remember the movie when the movie is finished…

1) Mr. Lee is going back home before the Fall and then I can expect that first layer of the masks will dissipate.

2)People will then realize that American Idol has been cancelled after so many  years being on “television…  

3)Since Spike Lee has come to Chicago monsters have personified in every way possible!

What I am saying… Let’s see just how much different people are going to be after he leaves?…Lets see just how much we can assess the damages in relationships city-wide when we have to remain still will the plague of violence?

I will agree with some critics here… I pray we don’t lose ourselves adding Hollywood to  our resumes…instead of the fight that continues of the fronting and the division that is often. 

I pray that the ungodly obsession to look great reigns across the city of Chicago title or no title… I know from not being a novice in the fight. I believe Spike Lee’s intentions are pure and nothing best. I am sure he is sees potential but can sense he has to rock this new project wisely because ddistractions can lead to more historical  infractions in  Chicago…

So, Mr. Lee has my apologies upfront because the truth will come before he finishes his movie…because it’s actually  kind of crazy to us too and we live here!