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My clarion call is for us to wake up come from among the walking dead… Charleston, South Carolina was not the exception it is just the number of body bags. Unfortunately this has been a major issue within the places of worship… We might not want “guns” inside the church but I am definitely for…Armed security within the church. I have never seen so much passivity when it really comes to stepping up. 

The definition of a strong church is definitely different from what man calls it today. The church can be full of serial killers…some one wants to pray about it…Yeah right! I am not trying to be humorous. Some stuff I witness is too embarrassing to sometimes expose but I wont be the one who remained silent.  I had to come to realize that people are so comfortable because there is no great giants they will face. 

The  water gun mentality which many of them have as if” Jesus is somewhere quiet with a nervous condition” I am going to continue to pray until something happens but I am also going to walk in the “authority” God gives me. Satan really thinks the church is a joke… he is coming in pews and the pulpit with anyone what  the church allow to roam free. Where the spirit of the Lord is L.  Some leaders just not that impressive are not really doing anything that shakes and shapes  the masses.

I am terribly offended when you put it out there…how people “claim” God called them to ministry but they still hide and do just enough to paint this picture of being active in the church and the community. What needs to be addressed… the compromise and the passivity of just how serious situations can develop is mind-boggling!  You know what is another thing that grasp my attention…that level of ignorance of believing if we stay quiet enough it will die down… That crazy mentality of cut the lights out it will make the people quiet.  I would laugh in a lot of people’s face who ride out on this… Yet, today we have some “devils” that will do their dirt in your face and or a camera.  

The foolish thinking of believing someone loves God enough not to put a bullet in you has been over for some time!!!  Although we are living in a new day and time… the harsh reality is that… Violence exists!!! Because of my own history  and tolerance of dealing with gun violence my trust in people and their mentality is about zero.  There has been many talks with me regarding this surge mentally imbalanced  people who do whatever they want in church. Where I come from you got  personal chaperones just in case your monsters are active. It’s funny what the church overlooks and I am not comfortable with all the walking and the freedom that are “allowed” to do as they please. When there is order in the church … you can pinpoint where the confusion and chaos is coming from. Sadly so much garbage is pushing the head of the church… and as Believers in Christ we should honor God with some level of intelligence.

There is something about people today who lack respect for God’s House, Yet, the enemy goes as far as what the church open up their doors to do.  I agree everything might look like a place of refuge but more garbage than anything. However, the church  has to have established boundaries …We want to be friendly but we still need to be firm. Everything seems to have boundaries but the church.  I watch… I don’t trust everything that is allowed to roam free. I have seen too much evil to dumb down and what might be a potential risk for danger! 

No, this kind of behavior isn’t normal but demonic. How sacred can the ground be without leaders exercising commons sense and Godly wisdom? People go to church and absolutely lose their minds. I caution people all the time…that Satan loves the church… this is truly where he can do the most damage.. And still in this day and age…Everything is embraced including unchecked ill behavior. 

I am in tune with the days I am living in….Murder and Mayhem!