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I had to comment on this post… SORRY MR. STROGER…

I remember when people rode out on Todd Stroger and I honesty didn’t grasp the concepts on hating on him.  I wasn’t living in Chicago at the time when they wanted him out of city politics.  Even if you listen to everyone else… you’d be caught up just like the rest of the  people… Misunderstanding something and judging him with only personal propaganda! I have done it and so has a lot of us! This the very reason, I have learned so much better to educate myself not just listen to people venting and emotionally caught up!

Mr. Stroger is due more than an public apology!

There is nothing like political vindication and my mere example of just how some Chicagoans can get on the bandwagon of ignorance and not be informed. I am waiting to see how many will sincerely recant their nasty rebuttals. As usual we have those who want to remain “silent” during “Chicago’s  Political Fiery….

And here is the proposals… increase. Chicago hates change but always seem to wanted on their terms but look at every person who put their mouth on him… and the backlash over something he was right about… This is why when you know the truth of something  hold on the truth … Congrats to Mr. Stroger for not becoming bitter but he is the better man!

I Told You So, Says Todd Stroger as Preckwinkle Tries to Bring Sales Tax.