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I have to be the one  to go here and many ministers like to dance around the truth with their “holy rebuttals”.  No one on this planet is perfect and we all fall short but nothing makes me more angry than someone pretending to be a Shepherd and fleecing the flock. What criminal and rogue activity I don’t care it’s all wrong. We need to stop sleeping on the influx of con games that go on in our sanctuary around the globe.  I have to share  stories more and more because I see too many are getting docile about the criminal activities also in church.  

Another true story…’

There was this so-called “Bishop”  residing in Maywood, Illinois… I was introduced to him by another preacher’s wife.  When I met him all I saw was slime. I was uneasy about him and I knew she had been suckered some kind of way.  He wanted to have lunch with me on a Saturday, and wanted  me to bring some intimate garments.  Yes, you heard me… some of my underwear. 

Okay…at this point I lost it! I told God… Please tell me that women are not falling for this craziness. Yes, there were women placed in mental institution after fooling with guy and was a wanted felon in Atlanta.

In my mind,  I was like she and I were very close and she worked with a well-known organization that did social causes in Chicago.  We did the community activist stuff together. But in my mind… all I could concentrate on was…How many victims did he really have through her in this particular organization?  I left this part of the story out… because the answer will blow your mind.

  I let this clown have it and I read t\his man’s mail and I went for the preachers wife. I was absolutely livid that people were this “feeble” in the mind.

 I had asked  her what’s going on here? She was looking quite dumbfounded” because I knew her relationship with him was perverted at best.  She was recruiting women to sleep with him…while his wife was suffering with Lupus.  And the mess got worse he tried to rape a police officer’s  wife and this is how he got caught up… When it was all over he had been accused of  molesting a little boy from his church, after that the story gets even filthy.  He was arrested and needless to say I am no longer friends with her!

Being real and 100 percent… you have to tell the people the truth about the harsh reality of what we put our trust in. There is all kinds of gospels out there but reassure God isn’t hustling his people who are already struggle.  I speak from experiences about the upsets of being in this arena. It’s not for the most sensitive and never the faint hearted. Some of these “cut throat” jokers are in a pulpit near you. 

Those of you who desire to sit under any ministry without your brain…I feel for you because going to church isn’t the new lion’s den… I was determined not to be the church police but I am determined that we stop walking ignorance and tell the truth about the messiness of others who use the church to run games. 

Some of the churches today teach erroneous gospel  and don’t be shock and don’t really live the word …and people suck it up!  I was taught to use my head for more than a “hat rack”.  If you are riding out on being bogus… I am going to put on blast!

I can’t stand fake!

 Yes, I do desire for my Pastor to be prosperous in every area of his life…not just in material things. But also, want God’s people to also walk in the abundance not in ignorance. I teach against the church shenanigans and many should be onboard telling the truth. When it’s all said and done… It comes down to what “man” wants and never what God orchestrated.

To be quite honest the churches today are full of con games and many ride out on people’s emotion. That’s not God’s way at all.  Sadly too many people are “allowed” to be in positions without some thorough  checking and some levels of accountability. The church is too trusting which unfortunately leaves us wide open for vulnerable attacks!

Personally, you are at a lost when the “attitude” is bad. I wont’ deal with you…let alone  working in any organization is huge in ministry and more so in the  church.  Sex trafficking, drug selling and money laundering isn’t shocking!!!  We just have more media to bring more of the horror stories full circle.

We have to face this hard reality.   So many things that our people didn’t pay attention to was allowing people to be in ministries and so forth easily but God doesn’t choose people the way man does. There is no level of consecration and many of these kind of people are chosen on impressive resumes and emotional merits.

There are some criminals, questionable, and perverted individuals in church.   I see more and more  mug shots of criminal religious leaders in all denominations.  We have to stop ignoring the red flags. We  can’t do to the witch hunt like in Salem but I do believe we need to arm ourselves by first living in our realities today.  Yes, it’s frightening!  All kinds of people welcomed into our sanctuaries but I don’t stop watching all because someone claims to believe. The foolishness of the day is believing that you can’t get raped, robbed, maim or abused in a church. Many feel that the church is an open target because of the lack of strong supernatural teachings. There should be another set of eyes and another level of discernment to sense evil is in the building!