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Amen, Amen, Amen…the dreadful sound when the time communion is taken. Everyone has a time in church in which they might dread… It’s not the message, it’s not the offering, it’s not the worship…for me it’s communion.  

You heard it…the most sacred time of service and also the one that puts me on the edge.  When the ” Pastor” say… “hugging someone as a sign of peace”… More like the time to give a piece of my mind. If you can handle what I am saying….you can handle it… I can skip out on that part.  If I was to make a confession about me… I have to beg God sometimes please don’t let those monsters hug me. 

I am almost in a sweat because I try very hard not be in the same space with some of the people… When God let you sense, and smell the evil… It’s not an ideal picture!

Here come all the people running across the sanctuary like little “imps”  hugging and just go through lying,  gossiping and  talking about  each other like  ravenous  dogs. I can’t understand that two-faced thing.  I sense their coldness and I know the fake compliments and those demonic hugs. This is also always a good time for a pervert to rub up on you but the monsters around me already know I give out free slaps.  May sound a bit harsh but it’s my hard-core reality.  It’s a pressure cooker for me…because I see and  I have experienced too much.

I have no intentions on dumbing down but building up.   I can’t relate, and I don’t try to.   Satan messes with me the most inside of a church.  I can skip out on that part of service. If I was to make a confession about me … this is it!

Where I came from its apart of spiritual warfare and demonic attacks!

God knows I am not trying to be difficult or disobedient. I don’t bother to hug because there are a lot of things I discern but “peace is never one of them”.  The games are on. and often powerless plays are made.   I see the calculating witches of the church huddle to gossip before the service and the mind blower during communion. 

I know the power of taking communion… I take communion every night before bed… and after prayer. It’s not a time that I only invest in when I am at church. To be quite honest… I almost dread taking it at church. Many things I know that the churches everywhere is slipping on. 

First, I have a problem when you know messy people are given this major responsibility but are given this sacred task.

Second, it’s freak time if you the perversion sits in front of you or the back you… It’s smack down time for me…I am on alert.  The demonic verifier you hug them and sense their spirit. It’s not always good!  I am already turned off but to hug the demons can be a bit much for me. I treat everyone with love and respect but sometimes their wickedness has an odor that I am repulsed by.  So, I have to sit down quietly and ask God to cover me when this time kicks off!

Third, I don’t think you should handle the Lord’s table without true repentance and  being an enemy of God… hmmm!

I can handle the haters a little better if you’d stop hugging me along with your fake compliments…during this time… just lie on me, stay  jealous and  dog me from a distance like you normally do!