There is nothing like the power of prayer in decreeing… In Jesus matchless name! Our country whether the government or anyone else for that matter inform us that we are in trouble. Race wars is only on avenue of terror. I know that there are plenty more. Americans cannot turn blind eyes to the rise in violence and racial hatred in this country alone. A spirit of murder is on land  and in our seas… Our President whether you love him or hate has to guide this country and face some hard reality about hatred. We don’t want any blood shed on anyone’s watch… Stay sober!

Our country was founded on the principles of God….nonetheless we continue go backwards. Terrorism is on the rise and don’t think for one moment that we are not under that threat. We must be vigilant to watch as well as pray!  Say this pray….Father, I thank you for your tender mercies, your love and your kindness… I ask that you protect us from all hurt, harm or danger …enemies seen and unseen. Angels of the Lord be released to protect our family, our communities and this country…

I pray today over the President give him wisdom…over all matters! Protect him and his family during such a severe time of spiritual warfare… I ask in your name that you open up every blind eyes… Give us wisdom and stronger discernment… I decree supernatural power, courage and strength  in time of distress… I bind up fear, anxieties, depression and any negative emotion… I loose the peace of God and his wholeness….Nothing missing and nothing broken… Angels of Lord …let every word be release in the atmosphere…  I bind up murder and mayhem… any seed of terrorism… in our homes,and over this nation… I decree peace in every arena in our lives … Sick bodies be healed… regulate the imbalance mind… In Jesus Name…  Amen, Father, Amen,  the Son, And Amen in  the HOLY SPIRIT…Come in agreement…with AMEN,