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There is something that can bring you to  your knees and that is to find out that someone you love might be jealous of you. If you are celebrating high they have that “kill joy”  switch. They pretend to be happy for you but will go around to collect all the negative people to hate on your joyous situation.  th (39)

I have heard the term … frenemy…my understanding of this ignorant word… is that we are friends and enemy. Really?   All these foolish catch phrases.

Nothing in the world is more immature and sad to me is  insecure people.  People realize often times on the downside of meeting people… You have to be careful when you connect with people on a negative level.  Messy people love to mess over people together…that kind of thing.

I spend very little time with the “cattiness” of jealous women because of the danger that this can bring. I don’t underestimate anyone especially a ” ruthless” individual.  My life experiences have shut down all that craziness of believing every one like me. I can sense that coldness and  the hatred on some folks that will hug me.  

And because I deal with the cups of bitter on a regular. God warns about the danger of frolicking around with “jealous” people. What I can’t afford to do is …dumb down when I see it. The spirit of jealousy is a deadly emotion especially when someone puts all of their energy in setting traps, telling lies and creating all kinds of havoc in your path.   I don’t ignore people who show me signs that they are having troubles adjusting to my success and will throw a party in my failures.  I learned the dangers of dealing with people who are jealousy the hard way. 

I have shared my testimony of a so-called best friend who plotted with another woman to cut me in my face with a razor! She had went to graduate school and the whole nine yards. So, if you are thinking evil minds lie with the uneducated. Oh boy do I have some realities for you!

 A painful lesson but it was my “aunt” who warned me about the jealousy that my aunt told me was cruel. She didn’t decided she hated me that night she was exactly how my aunt said she was and more wicked than I wanted to believe.  I loved her as a sister  but “aunt” continue to lay on me about being so trusting with her. I did pay attention because my “aunt’ was afraid for me.  I had to come to that hard experience that awful day! We hear stories like this all the time. God spared me although,  I was left devastated once the dust settled and reality set in… and thank God…  Alive!

This is apart of my norm especially when a call of God is on your life. I have to constantly shake off the hatred of others… and the jealousy is off the meter!  I don’t have to pull my bottom drawer out but I am very transparent with some of my experiences that can be sometime relentless!  My mother prepared me in such a short time about that tricky thing call “friendship”.   It resonated very well with such simple examples of having good speech and watch those who might misrepresent what they are in your life.  I have never heard in the bible to bring enemies closer, nor more than to love enemies until they love you.  A good liberal gesture but in reality… You will get your head peeled… and your feelings hurt. Satan has never loved you and you can’t make him but foolishly things like this is advocated.

Yes, I am non-violent until you hit me! Sparing cheeks goes a little bit further than people have knowledge about …God doesn’t advocate that we are suck up slaps ! Violence should be the last resort for any Believer.  God gives us seasons for all things… and that’s including war. War might be necessary if it is to bring peace. 

 There is a reason we become soldiers. What soldier allow you to hurt, maim or abuse him or her?  I will defend myself to preserve me from further attack!  God means we don’t stoop to the level of our enemies. We don’t take stand of being punching bags! Honestly, this is why many women stay in domestic violent situations and die in them…

Being non- violent and never taken actions!

As Christians so many scriptures have been misinterpreted. I don’t embrace everything and everyone.  Too many take their guards down when God warns us to be wise as serpent and gentle as doves. If family members sold Joseph to their level of evil what makes us any different.

It’s easier believing that our own wouldn’t hurt us in fact often time betrayal comes when we have that knowing that someone we care about might care about us less. Simple deduction and common sense…

Friend is a friend…and enemy is an enemy. Who we think is in our corners is devastating to believe they are really against it! Better discernment is necessary to safe guard us from us choosing people with our hearts instead of using your head!