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Read… II Kings 22 :8-20  Chronicles 34: 14-28

It all started during a time of renovation aka … house cleansing as one might add of  Jerusalem and  Solomon’s Temple.  During the cleaning  A Priest Hilki’ah  found a scroll the Book of Law given by Moses in a money chest. King  Josiah gotten wind of what the word of the Lord had to say… he was disturbing  and he  begin ripping his clothes out of sheer anguish!

How does the word of the Lord get lost? Quite easily with the distraction and the tones for that day. Is this not the same for today? Many can’t remember that this country was founded on God yet, the words have  seemingly  dissipated with liberal beliefs and personal ideologies.

 Jerusalem, had some serious issues that they just couldn’t see to rectify and all because they were “ignorant”…it was no excuse. God had  sent word and somehow some way the words of God was mishandled!  At this time Judah and Israel had been worshiping false idols.

Huldah, means weasel or burrowing animal. What a name for a prophetess of God. Although in the bible gender notification wasn’t all that significant. 

Huldah, may have been mentioned briefly in scripture but who was in God was a power house … she was noted for having the wisdom of God.

King Josiah, was trying to do the reset among all the garbage that had taken place  with other Kings during their watches to stop death and destruction. She was on divine appointment and assignment from God. She was in the “King’s”circle for many major reasons.

1) A woman of integrity

2) A woman who was well-respected among the elite 

3) Highly intelligent and well-educated.

4) She was a Seer on the higher ranks in Jerusalem

5) A woman of authority

6) Wasn’t a stranger to telling the truth and being the truth

7) Gave the word of God straight up with no chaser…

In others words she never sugar-coated the words of God, no matter how hard they were! This woman wanted something always to keep her mind  elevated,d her heart stirred and spirit fed.  A messenger of God, will stay in his or her right standings even if it meant going against the grains of today. Unfortunately I have no idea what is leading our country into spiritual degradation. I just know the posture that I must remain with the truth of God.

Huldah, had a word from God that messed a lot of people up…Whether anyone believes the word of God’s Prophet… We have to say it when its not popular to do so. The blood has to be released off  your hands.  We have to say it and sometimes the painful rejection of those we “thought” loved us will stand with us.  The relentless persecution while those in authority no better but betray us in their silent stand!

People will get angry with your when you stand for God..  I mean almost sheer hatred but always jealous of the God in you!  Huldah, told the people in Jerusalem that destruction was coming and that “only”  King Josiah,  would be spared because he tried his best to turn the hearts of God’s people back to him. 

Huldah’s Gate is still in Jerusalem that place you can go and get a word. It represents that place in God you can go and get an answer without the lies.  People’s lives are spared when the truth comes forth. It might be bitter to swallow but when disaster strikes … you feel a sense of relief because you obeyed!

Many don’t feel that they need to inquire with God… But I beg the differ… Too many of us have made wrong decisions because we think we are helping God along or being impatient. Ignorance is never progression but regression.

Some wont make moves in fear of the response of others… so they ignore what God said.  It’s amazing how “holy” people get when God ask them to step on faith even when the people are wicked.  King Josiah, met God’s grace because obedient and wanted change … The reality disaster came to those hard head and stiff neck people.

I had taken that the word of God had been mishandled but it didn’t stop the destruction from seizing the land all because one has fail to comply to what the Lord had said.  Sadly, many today have had things to stop you and say go the other way. The list of excuses then begins. When disaster strikes no matter what…God was still good even in people’s ignorance! 

It’s time to find that Huldah Gate. That person that God used to warn of impending danger.   It might be that someone that is given you that hard word but in honesty.

It might  even  be words that were given years before that might spare you from future hurts and or disasters.