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How would it make you feel?

Here is the games of selfishness BECAUSE  THIS IS FALSE HUMILITY IN IT’S FINEST…

I have an immediate family member who always say “you should have called me” knowing that a situation is pending…And this ones sends me to the roof… Knowing that I have covered all bases and the person  have the nerve to call after  the fact at the strike of midnight… Do you want me to bring you something?

If this doesn’t angers me.  These are just some of the games people play.

What in the world I need  at midnight if your intentions are sincere?

Someone is in need or  sick… Their late response…Iif you need anything let me know… You know someone needs your help so they stand by to see  what will be the less to do.

All examples of  false humility. 


All of us have come to some crossroads in our lives when we expected better responses from people. Often times when people get hostile when they have to make some decisions it’s a clear sign that they really don’t care.

It’s amazing to me that people will cross an ocean front crawling to get what they want and their agendas passed and can’t handle simple and reasonable deductions. 

Why? It requires something!

 Ask one thing that takes them out of their comfort zone and you listen to their care less rebuttals…What do you want me to do? It can hurt someone and it can also size you up and exactly where you coming from!

A clear indication when people are too selfish to find out what they can do so they make excuses why they didn’t get involved. Knowingly someone else can ask the same thing and get better results. It’s called a phony!

 As a child I was taught first assessment. In other words check yourself first… The lack of sensitivity on the hearts of others until something happens to them and they come back to you with a different outlook.

Their selfish beliefs are that  you have to  respond to them  immediately with an attitude …When it was happening to you they didn’t care if you suffered in silence!

 Whether it’s a perspective you can’t  handle…you are minimizing someone else’s pain.  Unfortunately the lack of compassion or pain that they might be in… Should call you to order needless to say people like this  don’t care when someone might be in dire straits as long as it does not inconvenience them.

 I had to learn this for myself… You can put all your situations or issue on the front table… carelessly people have different sets of rules which is the first indication for myself that I don’t trust your character. It’s all about you!

I have seen the “personal spa treatment” for others  while trying to make you feel as if you are bothering them!!!  Special treatment packages for people you might consider your inner circle and the outsiders are treated with less respect and a lack of consistency with respect. 

I have no idea how people are really dealing with their own  realties and ignoring what is right in their view.  Who they are will be  obviously shown… you just wait  your turn… you will be next!  The waiting to see game… If it’s from your heart what are your waiting for?

In due time a snake sheds its skin and what they were working on will be revealed. Ask that right question or act like you need their assistance the panic NOT TO HELP… begins to sink in. 

Over the years out of my experiences … I have learned to discern … when someone cares or wants to be bothered with me. It’s a bold move when you decide to cut them off…They can’t handle when they are exposed for being a hypocrite.   People you most likely care about might even be the ones  who takes who you are for granted…

The true test isn’t when you put on publicly display of affections it’s when I need you to the most and ignore my needs and my pain!