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Some sad days in Chicago and the State Of Illinois…In all my years in Chicago,  I have never seen so much  organize chaos in Chicago and Illinois. From my own personal experiences people have a tendency to hate when you bring order and change is needed. The foolish blame game starts . 

When you are trying to convey, the message about the bad days are going to come if you don’t fix this or that…You want to see ignorance in people try using the word change…  Some people love to complain and when you are trying to help prepare the situation and avoid further damage… You will be hated!

Regardless how much I might love the city the organize chaos is like an adrenaline rush for the people who hate order. I am appalled that Educators have to hustle every year to make sure they can have decent pay. I would like to say more than half take their jobs very seriously!

All teachers are not that great but for those who are dedicated …shouldn’t have to struggle for a decent pay. Unfortunately we will pay entertainers and professional athletes and throw our Educators under a bus! 

Where is the outcry? The future seems to be HOME
SCHOOLING… 1400 People will be laid off in Chicago Public School System!!!!

Illinois budget is almost the biggest joke in America!Lets not get started on the budget cuts from hell. No one wanted to listen when  I have always said working in Chicago… It’s like the confusion is welcome

You see the “elephant” in the room but people act as if the change will come with a magic wand! It’s the small foxes that often exposes bigger issues. Ignoring a problem wont make it go away!

Yet, people lack involvement when the trouble is present!