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The words expressed are that of Writer65 and not Pastor Pfleger…

To be quite honest I am not amazed at the double talking  church leaders do  today.  The bible states that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways… ( James 1:8 )

That’s bible!

God helps us we are selective in faith when it comes to church period. One minute we must trust God and when action is needed…prayer and faith is disregarded. If you so strong in face disregard the order God has given and you have given birth to chaos. Which is in a number of churches.  

THE FOOLISHNESS…. Today the church seems to go without proper training and protocol in  the ethics of the church.  Just sloppiness in our presentations to God but many actually believe this foolishness is God. Where is the faith in proper balances of choosing what is in ministry….This is a vital pulse in the heart beat of God. How do I know we lack in this department. The church is too messy…. which opens legal entry for satan to have his way!  The answer can be two fold… in having security… If God is in the building you have nothing to worry about….But the  other “ifs’ are just frightening…. But this is the ignorance of the day…

We pray when we get good and ready. We consult God when we good and ready!

And I often wonder what part they believe is God and the other part is personal ideologies.  Pastors today shouldn’t be torn by to have security or not have security. If you have a boatload of unstable individuals inside the church … You should cut your losses now. I am a woman of great faith and we don’t do away with common sense when we are faced with …


In some instances the church and I said the church… give off this level of passiveness and being liberal. In fact,… wherever the SPIRIT OF GOD IS THEIR IS LIBERTY…NOT STUPIDITY… Everyone in church isn’t always there for God, so we don’t throw away our devices God gives us to send a message. What message… Our children see not only guns in various places…. We  need reassess and re-evaluate what our children is exposed to… and lets start with hypocrisy of the apathetic  church .

If you didn’t believe in security… you don’t need  the soldiers…police  and for the church  aka… Armor Bearers…Which is something that I know is misunderstood in ministry today and has been terribly misinterpreted. Fancy ushers are what we possess today in most churches.

Armor Bearers are not these big guys dressed  “cruel in their spirits and  their mouths.”.. in suits and part of the show piece for the Pastor. Satan makes a plump fool out of Pastors with this garbage.  An alarm bell so that the people know that the undisciplined jack asses are coming! 

 Yet, it’s almost funny  and embarrassing to those of us who understand what  this ministry entails.  They are men and women of peace but they discern when it’s time for war!  

THE FOOLISHNESS… its a glamorize position with no real authority in God.  Many wont take a bat let alone a bullet for you…  THE FAITH…True Armor Bearers .. can pray and discern when it’s time get out of harms way!

Armor  Bearer ministry is supposed to be one of integrity, character, men and women of strong prayer. Yes, they are prayer warriors… and without guns… You want to know why?  They are walking in the authority of God.  So that’s why we can be people of God in relationship and not religion.

And I know for a fact that many would agree its all a game to some of them. They are about order and safeguarding not frolicking….And that’s another subject all together! It’s almost a joke to KINGDOM OF DARNESS….because even satan know that the churches today are lethargic and not being feed the truth of God but mere personal opinions of the leaders who are led by their flesh and not the Spirit of God.  King David needed no pistol… but I know why do you?

Some Pastors are more concerned about money, members and safety might not be an issue for them but it just might be for those who have chaotic sanctuaries… and we have too many of them.

We are living in a day and time where you better believe in God totally and completely.  Here are some questions I propose if you are against having arm security?  

What do you tell our children when they have armed security at school?

If the church is a safe haven why so much abuse on every level? If the church is so sacred why so much garbage in the pews as well as the pulpit.

Where is the purification system that God has in placed in the churches today?

The undisputed truth is that many make up this garbage as they go!  I love God but I can’t stand what man has turned God’s House into.  It might be where all the sin sick gather and the broken heart “suppose to get heal” … Even I know better…most devilment occurs on the “watches of compromising Pastors….

You can’t tell me any different because the church is going broke because it cant’ identify in the NOW… That satan is comfortable in God’s House with THE ROGUES ,PERVERTS.PIMPS  AND THE CRIMINALS!  So lets not take the path of least resistance.  Our children not only see more but they see less of the fear of God when injustices of all kinds has selective reasoning especially among the demonic picks of many Pastors! 

Your children might tell you the  raw truth on what they think about the Pastor and the church!

I don’t buy into the “holy rebuttal wars”…It’s all talk because at the end of the day…. the number 911 stay on the dial… Ignoring evil is sin… and to tell people God doesn’t want us safe…That’s a lie!

THEIR FAITH…People will bring their guns whether men and women faith can handle that IN CHURCH OR OUTSIDE THE CHURCH…. 

THE FAITH… I am to  believe that HOLY SPIRIT DOESN’T NEED AN UPGRADE…What is leading the church today is what is antiquated in the physical as well as the spiritual that needs the HOLY GHOST TAKE OVER AND MAKE OVER!

I go back and ask again…Did anyone really inquire with God about guns in the church. You might surprise at some of the answers…. His answer won’t be the same everkyk church.  Think about that?

Sometimes doors are open in what is “suppose” to be HOLY GROUND….What is easy access for evil today  is when there no wisdom of God and plain checks and balances…

THE WISDOM OF GOD…I tell people make sure the ground you’re on is  Holy and not full of HOLES…. “no pun intended”..