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What isn’t working?…

Ignoring that Chicago’s violence is rooted in some deep psychological disorders in the homes. What makes someone violent may have many different and varies reasons why someone snaps or want to bring harm to another.  I have seen from my own personal experiences that sometimes some people are just born bad. As a human being many things might agitate being violent. Instigators are always among us even in the church house. We are supposed to lead the charge at changing behaviors but we know that is often a joke to many.

I can’t get into the blame game but the police can’t help us with what originated from a deeper origin. Principalities are governing in certain areas. Yet, the church has been put on delay when dealing with some raunchiness of our own.  It’s sounds more than hypocritical when our institutions of religion has its own monsters coming out of boxes!

Sadly, we are suppose to represent agents of change but too many are fearful of less money in the often plate or offended their entourages of popularity! will disburse or the end results of speaking to empty pews.  The real  community surrogates are getting tired because many are multi tasking when it comes to unruly behavior and the lack of moral standards.  Taking up the slacks in many ways that are not known to any camera.

Hunger, poverty, lack of education and economic developments  many continue to ride on these excuses but never and I mean never is there a time to take someone’s life senselessly.  

Yes, I can speak from my own personal experiences just how bad it is with individuals who fuel on displaced anger I see it all the time in the church.  I can’t grow people up but I can address what should and what shouldn’t be tolerated. And we must face this hard reality…. We allowed the bar to be set low and many ride out on what the masses were saying and doing.

I can’t breast feed the foolishness of the day. Too much is being coddled in our community with excuses and some of this unruliness needs to be not addressed but it has no place in our community. It makes me sick to hear a child celebrating the days to go outdoor to have a normal life as a child. Yet, kind of , sort of…this is passively embraced. 

I totally disagree, when many of us are picked on for leaving the dangers places… Where I lived average a bullet  to the head at least once or twice a week.  There was no help! And I will continue repeat this… and I hope it unnerved the “false flagging” in the community. 

No one wants to live in an unsafe place unless there is something mentally wrong with you. God doesn’t want this for us.  God will send rescuers to bring his people out …Even in the dark places…God sends help! 

If anyone decided to live in a war zone or whether it’s an issue of leaving or wanting to stay.  We can’t have it both ways when there is no real strategies of getting rid of the punks that destroy the communities in the first place. My people are suffering because they lack the knowledge of God. When you know the truth…I can’t buy into all the community rhetoric…We have more marching and protesting than ever… 

But I want those same people to go back home and check the nonsense that many “over look” in their homes, communities, organizations, and even places of worship….

Immaturity and ignorance is also a spirit that have gravitated and making a fool out of the masses  right in our faces! I agree, it takes courage and HOLY BOLDNESS TO CALL IT OUT! 

The only trauma that I have gotten is from the people that we are supposed to be ambassadors for change… The internal problems in our community is major.  

Yes, I am advocate that speaks not just protesting but  for sheer balance! We can’t continue to mark which injustices are more important without first doing some personal assessment of our own…and why it goes wrong!