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I share my faithful testimony of  my bully Christina.  I was a little  child who growth spurts never and I mean never made it.  I was so petite…simple as that. Which was just a marker!

I was a popular student and on the cheerleading squad.  I had already experienced  jealousy I believe in my mother’s womb! 

My Mother, rest her soul…took no prisoners.

First rule…

“You wont be a dummy leaving her house”…

And the Second,  “No one will ever send your running home…YOU STAND UP TO BULLIES once the devil gets you running he will keep you running” . 

Well, Miss Christina… was very thin, tall, black  girl in the neighborhood that kept up so much mess.  Always carried herself as if she could pulverize the nation.  Surrounded herself with people she “thought” would help her in a fight.  Her entourage were other neighborhood trashiness ….But many knew that I would give Miss Christina some go! I avoided her because I didn’t like her and wasn’t going to be phony.  Yet, I wasn’t going to rock the boat with Christina because  she was intimidating and I knew if there were going to be some situations I had to go for what I knew and she had her gang.

 My mother, already told me… the girls in the neighborhood would pick on me based on my skin color and hair…. Do not fear! 

The first   cruel thing they wanted  to do was  scratch my face up and pull my long thick hair from the hair follicles. Now for what every reason this never resonated in my mind about bringing me pain…Inside of me, this terrified me even more that someone hated me so much for no reason besides the color of my skin.

I had a problem with  someone wanting to hurt me but my mother warned me of treacherous girls and women…That jealousy would be the main focus of any of my enemies and it reigns  true today based on my looks and how I carried myself! Christina along with the other bullies  would make fun of my race… and I was basically the only “mixed ” child on the block…So that meant more HELL!  

Christina had older twin sisters who started  picking on me. I was playing by myself and I just got angry…I was tired of being nice and going the other way all the time…

So, this day I decided… I am going for what I knew. I was furious they kicked over my stuff and  started pushing me.

 I lost it!

They had to come and get  me off of  both twins! That sent a message to Miss Christina. My mother was taken back at the level of my  strength when I got anger and my temper. There was no soothing me… I was going to fight to the finish… Needless to say, my mother didn’t chastise me  for defending myself but she expressed holding that kind of rage concerned her… That message sent my bully Christina hopping but she hated me across the way …and talked about me among the crowds to get them to turn on me. Yet, people recognize I will duel until it’s over and you are not going to harass me.

I still got another  Christina rebooted and  ignorant as ever!  They almost look- alike …She tries to intimidate by her gatherings to “appear rough and tough…  I already had my training….But through the grace of God I was taught to represent Christ without the foolishness. I AM NOT A PASSIVE BELIEVER IN CHRIST. 

 I have trained MANY HATEFUL AND JEALOUS  mean girls AND NOW ADULTS …what I am not tolerating even as a Christian.  I do not  advocate violence but you will not abuse,hurt,main or attack me!  I know the dangers of dealing with people who are so jealous of you because …they will do just about anything to cripple you in some fashion…Be it physical, or spiritual…  Don’t feed the nonsense and don’t stoop to their low levels!

God help!  I am never one to figure out what side of the bed people get out of… If you are in blue funk and purple haze… I am to allow you to be you but I don’t have to respect where you are negatively. 

When you have a nasty disposition I don’t even try to figure out what days are good and bad….Amazingly I  am blown away at  how many  middle-aged adults who still play games, refuse to mature, throwing tantrums,  and love the messiness… 

Perfectly, they are and yet the ones  who can’t seem to get their attitudes together. Years  have gone by and they always believe that someone else is the problem. They bypass having any spiritual maturity because they are too busy trying to show people how bullying people have their privileges… UNTIL THEY GET TO ME…

You get out what you put in!  It’s easy for me to be polite and respectful to others because this is what I was taught. … and mood swings I can’t do. The Jekyll and Hyde thing I will leave you alone.   I have to question my own people with these bad attitudes. I ask who did it? You should  this  “craze”  look when you ask what’s your problem? 

My reputation has been and I it remain as such…I don’t coddle ignorant, bad or irrational behavior.  These kind of people …everyone tips around them… I just go clean in! I am not there when you believe that you are above corrections with nasty dispositions.   I have to speak when you say, speak or enter when you “think” I should enter… If you don’t believe this is one the major problems on any job. The job is just beautiful… If people learn to stop making themselves the center of the universe.

RIGHT HERE… Is  where I get off… I extend my love and if it’s not accepted I move on… And you’d be surprise who immature people get when they think you are supposed to cater to their way of doing things and sheer nonsense…You don’t have to wonder why people hate coming around  you especially when you messy in your messiness! Grow up!

Since then I have matured… I do understand what Christina meant to me and how she help me be a better person by ignoring just who foolish and ignorant you are.  Many many  Christina’s are  older bullies. I often wondered what happened in their house as oppose to me.   And she I did compare…  My mother was about the business.. I saw the scoundrel behavior in their upbringing. 

Christina… She, alongside hate and jealousy has taught me to rise above you even when I want to rip your head off. I talk to God about you and if it gets too serious maybe you need to ride in the police car and wear their fancy silver bracelets!

Oh yeah, I guess you’re wondering what happen to Christina?… Believe it or not she and one of my relatives became best friends.  I stay clear of all of it… She  or my relative doesn’t say too much to me… but I still serve as that reminder that I am no longer that childhood warrior but now an adult warrior and  that her undercover hate  and jealousy …and her attitude to intimidate ….  Never captured me!

She more or less is more intimidated by me… because she knows that whatever she brings I am not interested and whatever she tried to do…didn’t prosper!