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I have had the opportunity to listen to others voice their concerns regarding affordable healthcare, disability,  and the raising of minimum wages.  I listen attentively because I have already pointed out what others seem to ignore. The Affordable Healthcare business isn’t that darn affordable, applying for disability will give more health issues waiting, minimum wage has never been raised!!!

It’s a game… Once they give it watch everything doubles in prices so, many stay below the poverty line with every raise! 

The middle class  and small business owners suffer considerably with decisions. Trying to stay in a certain bracket in order to classified in one place or the other so you can qualify what they can afford. 

The stories keep pouring in about how some  insurance providers  take you but then drop you. The horror stories about this isn’t being talked about.

 I have to be frank about what I thought about … all of it,. I THOUGHT WHAT ARE WE SO EXCITED OVER??? We are going backwards with administration .  The health insurance is a rip off it… It’s too high!!! If you had a decent nest egg you will be eating meat-less soups and a few crackers. I am not with what the government  has been proposed as a good ideas. It’s not what is in our faces that will hurt us…it’s what’s on the back burning in the distant future. If budget crisis are everywhere and there are no secure places of employment degree or no degree. We are in some trouble!

And it blows my mind how people go along with stuff and applaud junk!  There are some catches we are not catching.

The decisions  that someone  make either someone must cutback in order to make what can be affordable or go to work full throttle and pay the fine.  I wasn’t impressed!  On the minimum wage… I just want you think about this people… How are you getting a break when everything goes up the minute you get the break?  Isn’t it funny how they always appear that they listening to the demands of the people and then the bottoms falls up… Increases… But this never seems to amaze me. 

Filing for the disability in this country is almost a joke! I have told people of the struggles of filing when you are  ill and the all foolishness to prove  that you are ill with encyclopedia size files with medication and you still will have to see some of their quack physicians.

In fact, I know people who have gotten their disability by playing like they are mentally ill. When I see the struggles of what is right and wrong in this country. I know some of the government priorities federal and state… is jacked up! Some things this country tends to over look and come with those irritating patriotic rebuttals. Yet, our people are hurting and struggling and we need to fix it NOW… The system in this country is designed for you to fail. How can anyone remain debt free if there is always a way to fall into debt?  We need some new blood in government. All the career politicians needs to go… especially in Illinois.

It’s the pits! 

They haven’t made a different to me… All of them are people friendly during election time… Unless there is a freshness you wont get my vote no matter what party you represent. Comfortably and this lack of drive to help people today has already proven itself to me on my watch.  Which way they voted doesn’t impress me. If you are for the people its time to come out from among them and be separated!