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Detached is a state of being not in the present. Denial… Is a state a mind that refuses be the current reality. Denial is that coping mechanism in the mind that can’t handle painful or stressful situations.  Deifying  is making someone out of a god. If we don’t get a handle of how to cope we all can easily gravitate to a people, places or things. The danger for our people is that we cannot seem to get in the now. We are always looking for the next thing to help us along to make us to feel good about ourselves even if it means being in denial about who and what they are. It’s easy to ride out on notorious serial killers but we cannot seem to grasp that people who has people on this pedestal for being less than human.  The danger is and always been in this country is making people out of idols…even if it is our children.

Of course…I will share a story! 

I was awaken in the middle of the night, I had been ill… I had hurry to get dressed that a relative of mines was caught at Kmart with a gun. Being a licensed and well-educated older woman… I got to see just how crazy she was. Her son, was a troubled individual has always been a brat. She would give this young  boy too much money and he was no more than an educated thug. He had the best of things in life.  He didn’t play with me because I would call his mess out. She made this boy a god. He could do no wrong.

Well,  there he was pinned up against the police car in suburbia…looking every bit of the thug that he really was.  He told his mother…The police planted a gun on me…I told her he is lying… One of the Office looked at me as is someone has got to speak with his mother…

She went into her Aunt Esther mode(From Sanford and Son) Calling on Jesus…misquoting bible verses as her defense. It was hilarious but at the time very stressful!thOXHRW5PT I was getting irritated with the shenanigans… She began to scream about the money she had and the best attorneys she knew… At this point my blood was boiling… I said SHUT UP!… I couldn’t take it anymore…

She was then lying in the passenger side of the car as I had to drive to police station… She was  calling on Jesus that the devil wanted her son…. I told her politely he owns him….   and… Shut up!

I went inside the police station… Another Officer greatly me but was concerned with her theatrics… He said politely “Mame” he had a gun fully cocked and ready to go… He was trying to rob Kmart…I wasn’t shocked she passed out on the station floor ! I was so angry…

We couldn’t be processed into the morning… I had to drive the “nut” home praising Jesus in between taking shots of Cognac out of her flask in her purse… We headed back to her house. I  drove myself back home… Irritated  as I was… I felt better… The next day she posted bail while I hit him upside his head all the way to the car!  The denial come whirling out of her mouth. 

My aunt then arrived to let her have it… She called him a criminal… She laid out on the floor of the Police Department. They warned me to get her out of this station or I will have to post bail for her. Her son, lied to the end, and she stayed in denial… I don’t have to tell you what has become of him…He got kicked out of  two colleges… and each time…I had to go get him because his “mother” was in Aunt Esther mode… calling on Jesus but not one time did she fix his behavior or ask what was involvement in all of it. I had to retired my rescue missions with her… and  completely walk away from the enablers program!

… Oh yeah, she got him a job  with a reputable well established  Accounting Firm with a friend…  Embarrassment came again…He stole  and embezzled $100,000 from the company and continued to stay close residents in someone’s jail to this present day. She is not doing Esther anymore but more like Otis on Andy Griffith…A total alcoholic! thVWS32WK0

What’s my point? 

What you wont confront will someday confront you. Put people in their proper perspective. People in our westernized society continues to make mentors and people out of gods. When the truth comes forward the difficult times comes with truth. Then people rationalize even when the proof is given. Often times it’s a total stranger that can tell you about something that you fail to take a closer look at sometimes it might be family members… or someone we believe wouldn’t hurt us or betray us.

 I have seen  denial  with mothers with criminals in the makings. No correction, and special rules and excuses  for their nonsense.  Not my people.  Jesus knew that the one who betrayed him sat and ate dinner with him. We can put all our belief system in something that we might have distorted view.

Too many times I had to be the truth bearer and never well received…And I take a lot of hits for standing for what is right.  More than often today, I am getting use to standing alone, because I have been trained that way. Sometimes being in  this place… I am alone. 

Telling the truth and debunking lies,  denial and deifying folks false gods…Whether it’s someone who is a relative or someone we believe is our brother or sister in Christ. Denial might handle the distress for the moment…but it robs us for not dealing with what is next for us in the future which puts us even further behind what God has planned for us. Pruning and plucking things out of our lives often makes life journey easier to travel without the baggage!