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th8216SG5X GAS LIGHTING … Is what I call the enemies subliminal messages of lies, which will make you doubt,.. plant seeds of deception in one’s  head . Always leading you to believe the lie directing you away from finding the truth. The narcissistic individuals will destroy the workplace, marriages, churches… Just on instigating mess with deceptive practices. Giving you just part of the truth and it reels you in with lies.

Gaining control in this way to manipulate to make progress in destroying who you are or whatever that target is.  Never anything over the top subtle deception that you may not detect on the surface but quietly behind your back. You heard the old saying…”Fueling the Fire”

Just walking around dropping manure everywhere they go… a spirit to divide… and get real they  are always in the middle of some mess with their messages. Backbiting, lying and deceiving. There is no loyalty the only allegiance is  to themselves and their agenda! They gain entrance through your Achilles’ Heel… In other ways sometimes what your weakness is.

I got a call on Thursday, afternoon, It was a family member told me that she had gotten a promotion after being on the job less than six months. She had obtain a top position.  I couldn’t say I was elated because the person is a master at manipulation.  I felt uneasy because I knew something was off . Someone who has been very nice to my family member but “ignored” the warning signs of getting rid of her in her personal circles. She was too familiar and many of the family members opened up when they should have “shut up”. Manipulators gain your information to use as weapons against you!

I knew the danger of the troublemaker that she was from my own personal experiences.  The mess  she made within this family  before and it was so much “HELL”… I didn’t understand why the family put up with her or continue to feed the “devil” but look at what happened next.

And I soon found out. She  was unwanted by certain members of this family  but stayed connected anyway through this woman trying to be nice her but. The spirit of bitterness working to gain access to the nice lady. Why people trust deceptions is just sheer amazing?  A huge mistakes for those who like to keep their enemies close or thinking  you can influence their evil to change… they  don’t care about ruining you.  They can if you allow it!   Not a wise move ever!

A soft-spoken person the older lady is let her guard down and she got the surprise of her life…  The backlash that was on Thursday was unbelievable…She manipulated the very person that helped her get the job…and aced her out of her position. She got her!

On Thursday, evening when the dust settled. I knew what had happened.  The snake worked her magic and pulled on all the heart-strings. And  I am sure false information was given over the person who helped her get the job in the first place. And don’t you think for one minute she cares…She doesn’t.  She  has a well-paying position…and the nice woman is on the other side of town taken back at the level of deception. But I beg the differ …your level of ignorance!

How many times have I heard some disturbing individuals who believe manipulation is a  form of blessing? A blessing is a promise from God unwarranted, there is no level of lying and manipulation.   How many times people lie to get what they want to gain financially, or to be one up on any given situation even if it means throwing you up under a bus? 

Unfortunately, the downside about a “gas-lighter”…they are forever the victim…and or often related to gossip, jealousy, bullying, and deviant behavior…

The Mother of It all… Jezebel,…A spirit to divide and conquer.  When people like this are believed to be agitated…watch them work the room to gain favor for their attacks. They are always with “self” on their minds… Just like Jezebel. 

I am to believe that people like this are never secure with their lives which tends me to wonder just what happened to make them this way!  I have a hard time trusting anyway but messy people have no place in my ministry or in my life…period.  When I find a manipulator there is always a line of trouble…

Gas-lighters are normally cowards and work alone with their agenda but travels in packs for protection.   It’s always done in such a way that it is not easily detected. Where there is a group of people  to be had and they adore the church because there is always easy prey.  

The eye opener for me was long before I got in ministry. It was my mother not any church that schooled me on manipulators. My mother knew so much about it because her Mom was skilled masterfully at distorting the church. and the truth! It hides appearing, her…sweet, kind and gentle…but never a messenger of the truth or peace. The whispers of the enemy comes in this form… It’s no joke to harbor or enable these kind of individuals  what rid of them is being the truth and not allowing the messiness of any gossip to roam free. They hate exposure of any kind… when they are challenge their fangs will come out to cover their tracks! Ask God to open your eyes… these enemies might be invisible to you but their traits to destroy are most visible!