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th5BEUIZYFOkay, before I get all the negative comments  and hate feedback regarding comments of Pastor Pfleger regarding a certain “rapper” … I  am already in touch with reality about the people who incredibly dislike him.  They bypass my site and I am not offended. God knows who needs to be reached and it might not be the do gooders or the ones that stop by to be nosey on my post or stealing material. 

Everyone has appendages…just like your ears we have them too. th (24)

Let me do one better.  I’ll address this  head on… with no sweat off of my back and the let truth remains. I promise it wont be “ignorant” ranting just the truth about where I am in all of this… and how it doesn’t apply to who I am and what I will continue to be about!

Yes, I am total agreement with what he said… but I don’t social media wars it’s a waste of time fueling unnecessary fires! Sorry, folks I could careless about the followers of Pastor Pfleger’s Face Book page… I do agree that social media has some good but Face Book participants instigate too much mess for my taste! Pastor Pfleger do what he does… and I do what I have to do!

I thank God, that I am most respected for not speaking my mind but telling the truth… “In your flesh dwells no good thing this is bible”. That might also means knowing when to “shut up” and speak up”.  Being a prophetic voice means sometimes saying things that make people pay  attention, correct, and quite uncomfortable.

I feel what is most deemed necessary… lets start with  homelessness, poverty,  the great messiness of the church house, sexual abuse by the filthy clergy, congregational and pulpit bullies(aka gangs”), the lack of testicular fortitude when it comes to facing up to the truth, the lack of Holy Boldness, integrity and character, and the lack of respect for the HOUSE OF GOD!

One thing that I have taken very seriously in ministry is …NOT GETTING DRAWN IN FOOLISHNESS AND GROWN FOLKS… DRAMA!

1) I watch what I say out of my mouth… I wont saying anything if I don’t mean it,  I take a seat someplace quiet before overreacting and I try to refrain from speaking out of turn. out of  high strung emotions! It can happen when your passionate as well… I would agree! 

I am not responsible what others say it’s how I respond to it.  To be quite honest, I am not afraid of being confrontational but if I can avoid it… I will take a low road.

Now, on the other hand… when someone has bogus behavior it is my responsibility to discern climates and not get suckered into a mode in which causes me to “act out of character”…

I am not one to coward down and I really try to act more responsibly when I am in tight situations. I am a straight forward so, more than often people don’t know how to take me when I do open my mouth although the shock comes because  I am quiet in nature!  So what brings a bigger surprise is that people realize, I am not afraid to speak up and speak out. 

2) You cannot administer the  truth or counseling to a demon. Many are very selective in their  part to being “radical”…but it’s in my spiritual DNA!

It’s not an act!

Being radical brings upset to those who have a hard time with reality.   I don’t need more people following me on my social media page. I am good I prefer the “Element of Surprise” !  I deal with enough privately and ministerial…  I have a few town menaces I like to get rid of  across the board. There are many instigators of violence  and I prefer being one of  the gatekeeper on this one… 

I got a better idea… I want all equal opportunity hits… not only with a rapper but  I also prefer those also who stir up violence in another way. You can initiate violence against another  with a lot of gossip mess and lies…and bring great distress.  They might not start a concert but can sing gospel music or  be actively in ministry.  If we want to get all the bad guys and girls. It take guts to call all the monsters of the day but I know it takes God to stand sure and flat foot to call all instigators of violence no matter where they are.

They are anything to bring disruptions to flow of God and that might be being manipulative, full of ones’ ego…  which might inflame any situation for someone who might want to punch your lights out.

The same with some of the dangerous rap music… it fuels and interject good behavior in  the minds of our youths. You say its  a freedom of expression…yet, but we should pay homage to a level of moral and or respect.  I agree with what one say that are  the instigators of violence but my list doesn’t start with a “rapper”… It started long before this kind of gang banging… Okay, that’s another  touchy subject… hit that up on FACE BOOK….

Don’t start none, it wont be none”…

 Just think about that?   Saying “Shut up”  might be the start of something big on Pastor Pfleger’s part….

Oh yes! This is apart of  anti-violence initiatives…When you suggest to these individuals who have nothing  else better to do with their lives but grasp for greater popularity, by  suckering people into your nonsense of the day! 

I just wish we can get this kind of fire and drive from all leaders and PASTORS EACH SUNDAY …( sarcastically.) .. “SHUT UP” AND HOW ABOUT  LETS TAKE IT EVEN FARTHER WITH THE CHIEF KEEF’S IN OUR PLACE OF WORSHIP… AND “GET OUT”!!! 

That takes some big “kahunas”…