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Regardless of what anyone has to say whether they are in a pulpit or standing on a platform or podium. I can’t understand anyone who believe that violence and hatred is a means of exchange. There are laws which should be delegated and governed in this country to deal with offenses even if it is someone in a position of authority.  I do not advocate  violence or hatred.  I do however, advocate when there is time of pruning and correction…

Although there might be a time of war in order to bring peace. But never are we to advocate hate against anyone  even if we done unjustly.  I am not saying we are to be passive and unresponsive when attacks of evil are against us or this country. We are to take another posture because obviously there is something malfunctioning on the other person’s part.

I have heard spins on the take of God having the emotions of hate. God hates what comes out of you… and hates EVIL… This is still not a license to be hateful toward others. We are taken in account where a person is coming from and deal with him or her correctly. Holding on to hatred is deadly toward the human heart and Godly Spirit.  There are many things I strongly dislike and there are things I will hate. Personally, there are some evil people in this world. And we face each day the silence witness to be hated on… even if it with our actions or with our mouths. 

Yet, the tools for us to be that force to bring change for the better is often use to glamorize the ignorance in others. Even if there is recruitment for any kind of terrorism. We should take in account that hatred is being decorated in many ways from making violence looking fashionable to desperate whatevers!

Hating someone is giving them that power but understanding when someone hates you is a wake up call for us to pay attention! When someone hates on you it isn’t my job to make sure they love me back.  What God requires that we don’t place ourselves in position of drawing off of that hatred. Really , if we want to be honest often times people who are afraid  take passive roads of least resistance. All people are not advocating hatred.  God told me to bless those to persecute me. It might sound stupid but it’s powerful when you can walk in it.  Oh no… it’s not easy…when someone murders your family member, lies on you… or someone who is relentlessly attacks you.  This position isn’t to make you a door mate… but it is  an alarm to let you know something evil lurks among you.

What I strongly urge to debunk the ignorance of embracing snakes…

Not here!

We are to be smarter to allow someone who hates to bring us food, drink or to allow them to nest comfortably in our lives, homes, places of business or in this country. When someone who can’t respect the differences of others they are already at a deficit in their lives.  No one wants to say just how messed up people are today.  Dysfunctions in our lives are no longer hidden  no matter how much we want skeletons to remain in our closets…because of the onslaught of medias and platforms that bring awareness! If you are one these “so-called ” Christians or lovers of Christ… How is hatred even being apart of your spiritual DNA?  I am a little taken back with the fiery words that are spewed to create such disturbances in the land.  

Yes, God gives man authority but not to bring more upsets to a much imbalance equilibrium. But to follow what he has already orchestrated which is something man or religions can’t seem to grasp. Whatever your assignment is stick to it! The most misfortune lack of wisdom in the land is this… Everyone has a job to do in order to be a service to someone else.  But in this day and time the lesson isn’t still learned. We have different  careers and roles in life. Yet, we still can’t embrace the different callings and commission of others!

If they dare to be a little different we have this term called prejudices…