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Although we have done this world a lot of  disservice  by first allowing people to believe the more materialism, and the cotton candy living that is the good life. In fact the “fluffy” living the good life of having more money and more power with teaching character and building strength in this capacity. We have more spoiled and bratty behavior than ever. Brand names are only the soup of the day before it is a thing of the past. Many can’t handle that kind of truth because it breaks the human psyche all the way down.  People talk the game but take away the stuff and the real them show up. Wont deal with being in a posture of being uncomfortable…

Often words like loyalty, hard work, humility are offensive words. Self is always exhausted.  You want to see the most damage… giving people more than what they are worth but promoting “pride and ego”…

There was nothing new about church for me. I was born and raised around it. Yes, I have been a prodigal daughter. I ran from the church, and never have I ever quite felt comfortable because I knew what was in it that I questioned.  When I finally had gotten to a place of some maturity.  It was a new experience for me.  I had then discern the different between knowing who God was …and what I was told traditionally.  

Many people never really knew God but followed traditions and religion. Often more offended that you can debunk the craziness of the day. You will then see what is really inside of people who either have studied the truth about God and or went along with what they believe is their truth.  When their truth is mixed with what God has spoken … two different dynamics working… called religion. Just enough to be dangerous to people and almost too deadly to speak out and against.  Church  attendance  holds no high rank with me because the truth of the matter many come to church and never seem to change rogue behaviors. It’s about form! 

I can recall… I was a member of this church right when I first  begin ministry. I loved the Pastors and the church was so loving and very giving.  However,  the church was dead on many levels.  Paint drying was better exuberance.  I tried to “deny” it was time to leave after my 8 long years.  I just look at people today who make excuses when it’s time to move on. Familiarity is dangerous to a lot of us. We get comfortable doing one thing and God changes “our plans” in full swing.  Many leaders today can’t pass the baton because they  fear the future and what they know is safer.

To be honest I was too much  on fire sitting in a dead zone.  To make changes and be the change and my church then  was honestly “ice water” for what God had planned for me. My church was a good place but fail to launch me in the directions God wanted. So, I continue to stay and things started to push me out of the nest.  

Yet, I saw my love for the church because I didn’t have to deal with the foolishness that I knew  that I ad to contend with today. I was tired already from life and going some place else to deal with the stiff neck religious monsters today it was disturbing… I saw the dysfunction in the church growing stronger.  It was in my places to grow up with taught me how go before the Kings and Priests of today. This is how   I can  still respect where God has brought me today.

As  the scales fail from my eyes… I had to think about it …everyone loves Jesus when you stay in church for only one hour. Anything that is taken out of ritual and routine watch the best devils go at it. We programs, grafts and chart… and merciless many go to church and get that part of boredom out of the way. To have a God experience I learned easily I never quite found them in a church. It was on my way… that I discovered more about God. The staleness and even when the church has lost it’s pulse… the go on artificial respirator… HYPE!

Staying anyplace too long can warp growth in many aspects. When God has another perspective that you cannot grasp the immediate emotion is “fear and anxieties”.  The  physical and emotional defense for not embracing the things of God is what you think you know.  Life is sometimes scary but the danger of telling God I wont go… will be life… God plans will make you rise and not hide. Change is difficult enough but the lies we often tell ourselves that God wouldn’t when he has. 

Remember when Moses was push to higher ground he had been taken to lower places. he had to leave living on the backside of the desert…When King David had to leave a dry place. The Apostle Paul…rode lead him to blindness before receiving greatness.   People may not say that comfort is the high way to go but the danger is that we demonstrate  every day when we denounce that having character when you are living in abase or abound.