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Some people  that I fell in love with were the “MORTONS”… God has blessed Bishop Paul Morton and his wife Debra.thN2TU0PDH Were instrumental in so many ways in my life and touched my life. Bishop Morton, was  the anointed conduit to let me know, you can still sing for God, yet be just as powerful in prayer ministry and maintain character.  It’s never about us. He would remind the people. 

 The  “Mortons” were people I  honestly enjoyed following and the never compromise or wavered from being honest with the people. 

 A man who knew how to  minister, pray and oh my God can he sing… If anyone who has been through it …It is Bishop Paul Morton.

Bishop Paul Morton, was someone I admired  who was about the keeping the integrity of ministry. He wasn’t afraid of doing what God called him to do even if that meant leaving people and material things behind.  He stepped out when God told him to make the changes and be the changes. A man with who I knew to be very humble and with a big heart to see God’s people do better in every area of their lives.   He is now “officially” retired! A celebration  this past week “CHANGE”… in New Orleans.

I am so honored to know that Bishop Morton maintained his integrity and although there were some difficult challenges he remained in a posture of a “true man of God”. With tearful eyes   that I say  I love me some Bishop Morton. This isn’t the end but  the beginning for something new , greater and different…

We pray you receive nothing but the “BEST” Man of God!