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I recall when I walked through the doors  someplace, I was finishing up a class … there stood the crowd … Someone everyone wanted to be apart of this “celebrity”. I had no idea this person would be there.  Personally, I didn’t care… My day started out  with me in 3 o’clock prayer and proceeding further! My schedule was too full and I didn’t have time to deal with that kind of nonsense!

I was already tired and all I wanted to do was get through the crowd to make it  to my seat.  I was almost tickled at the foolishness of the people. I prayed for them because the opportunists wanted to be apart of that crazy network.  They wanted to be apart of the entourage. And I thought what isn’t happening in their lives that they feel less important? Some people love the attention of just being near someone with people. Don’t aren’t them but the mere fact they are recognized. 

The women always give me hateful stares, so coming in a room full of people who have no idea of who they are. This was my norm to witness this kind of tom foolery!   I promise you I don’t need the attention.  You would think that “Jesus ” was healing the masses. One woman had given me a such  dirty look as if I was to stay away she was going to be the one who gets to be next to the star.

Lord have mercy … I said  loudly…I am almost sure he puts his pants on one leg at a time….I  then pitied the fools!

What keeps me grounded?

I am asked that question a lot… God, my upbringing and life experiences!  With power comes responsibility. And without the proper training in your “spirit” the flesh takes off! You would believe that you…yes you are apart of the Godhead! Everything is on throne but Christ!

Power is seductive, and it’s the slow seduction that really knocks people off of their square. in which they find themselves in pits. It’s so easy to get caught up in a life of someone who has fame and fortune,  famous or a celebrity. That life can easily become addictive. I see people who desire to make it big even if it means it’s a form of pseudo power, false alliances, or losing one’s self to be apart of the so-called “In crowd”… Nothing looks as foolishly as this.  I have seen people make alliances or pacts with the devil to fit in or to get in.

What does it mean? It means you don’t know your self-worth! The lack of maturity keeps the “ego” out of check.  People worship others longing for their sense of power. But I know the real power and it has never come within a human being… but this kind of power rises only when you know who you are God!

It sounds strange but I can’t understand that thirst to be around others who symbolize all that you think you want. The reality is …It’s never you! So, know who you are. Status or no status. I appreciate all of God’s people.

I can recall another  situation when I was younger. 

A relative and I  went downtown Chicago, to see the Jackson Five. Oddly, I loved the Jackson Five’s  music but that’s really just how far it went.  My cousin looked at me as if I was an alien when we had gotten some inside passes to see them up close. I could care less! Honestly I was bored!  All that screaming was wrecking my nerves!

Aren’t you excited she asked?  I was honest… I said “NO”… Matter of fact I thought the way the people was carrying on was a bit over the top.  Today, regardless of how many famous or celebrity  people I come around and been around.  I am still the exact same way.  

My mother taught me that when I was younger.  Wherever they go home or whomever they belong… they are still just people! I am not into picture taker so I am not running to be photographed with you.  Not downplaying those who get that thrill out of being posted up! There is wisdom in asking God to help me stay true to him and myself. 

People say often, that   there is nothing that excites me… 

But there is… I remain quiet about it!  They are right everything or everyone isn’t that thrilling to me. Yet, I see people go nuts over being in a company of person the eat, sleep and breathe like they do.  Some people like to be apart of sharing someone else’s power even if means losing one self. 

Our westernized customs wets our appetite to be competitive and more aggressive  aka… Do what you have to do to survive even if it means stepping on others to get what you want!

I had learned quickly, that when you begin to lose yourself trying to appease your sense of self by being apart of people, places and things . Everything and everyone wasn’t for me. In my twenties those  lessons were difficult because I found myself alone.  It was all about choices that I had to make and endure the consequences if I am wrong.

During my process of learning to be myself and love myself. Whether I was loved or not I had to be true to me! The more I stood up for what was right the better I was able to come full circle of standing up for myself  even if it means alone. Oh no… it’s never easy but it’s workable.  

My life is my life… no standing next to anyone celebrity or not, rich or poor, educate or uneducated  will bring me life fulfillment but me