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II TIMOTHY 3:6 For some  women they worm their way or talk their way in some homes and get control of gain influence by swaying with sins  and evil desires .(EXB)

Nothing “irks” me more than chaotic and messy people but what about “weak men” who marry busy body women.  The man is absolutely nice and he has this dominating and controlling wife. The abuse he suffers is always the backlash of her  being in some messy situations which brings further embarrassment. The first embarrassment is that he married such a creature! She is always connected to the wrong people she gives him the look as if she is wearing his pants. As much as he likes to stop it…he ignores it in fear that she just might give him the business, although she is always in someone else’s business. A help mate is to build not destroy. She is to  protecting him with her wisdom not her foolishness.

 This goes beyond disgusting but he isn’t following God’s instruction to conduct himself like he is head of the household instead he is in fear of his wife and or mother. When a man marries a woman who has these kinds of issues. He too needs to reexamine…Why would he marry such a vicious female. The same goes for “Mommie Dearest” who is always meddling and  he listens to her nonsense.  A mother is to send her son home and let him work out his own situations. He is married…Let it go!

Stay out of his marriage allow him to grow up…if that happens. I feel for anyone who is attached to this kind of nonsense. It gets detrimental and even  leads to divorce. I have seen “grown men” who can’t seem to stand up to the meddling mother’s or their messy wives … And  all that I ask is that you take a look at his father… Just as weak as he is… And mother is also domineering!

The craziness of the day is that if you know your wife and mother are always in some garbage when will you stand up?  We have to go here…Some men are too attached to their mothers… he has a wife but can’t seem to run his house so he lets his mother do it. How aggravated is this? Or better yet, your son marries someone conniving and manipulative… Of course she is smarter than he was… He couldn’t clock that he married someone who he wants to be his mother. Instead she sabotages all that is good to embrace the bad.  When I see men who can’t even begin to get his house in order… I throw up my hands. She married him because she can and will manipulate situations in his life.  He is  a sad individuals no one wants to come around because of his hate filled wife. He can’t breathe without her fronting him off in public, he might stay because he is too afraid to leave.

She is what the bible calls… a SILLY WOMAN… A woman who desires to tear the house down by her own hands.

There are other terms one might refer to Jezebel, Athaliah or Delilah…

No one can take him seriously because of the dominance the wife has. She is insecure herself so she set in motion to do it herself even if it means sabotaging “great” relationships.  Anything that is going to bring order she bucks and rebels. Her insecurities lies in who will snatch him up because she mistreat him.

However, if anyone woman has any  common sense she isn’t looking to raise a man or to marry one who can’t seem to stand up to anything… but hopefully he wears his own pants!