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And we can tell history until we are blue in the face. We can’t leave out the “murky” parts while  the truth is still right in our face. Whether we can handle how many things that people couldn’t respect about the Civil Rights Movement. I know many views were distorted. How many things were told to us in the latter years.  Some serious character flaws that people skipped over.  Although we ask for change within  the world but couldn’t keep our own lives in order. 

Do you have to wonder why they believe the term ” Reverend” in the minds of others meant “crook and a fraud” .  Those selective few through God in the mix but represented the devil in their thoughts and actions.  They were deceptive to speak in Godly terms  two bible verses but couldn’t keep little “willie” in their pants.  Whoredom and infidelity rose high… The people can’t handle that bold conversation about the fake lifestyle of those who claim to men of God.


You see, stuff like this people wont touch. It then shows up more murky than ever so people pacify with their wrongs in excuses. Christians is another murky word. I find that using the word Christians means many things to many people but yet, they opt on using Jesus in the same sentence. What would Christ have done with not only injustices but what about that sin word? Adultery and fornication was a word that many leaders don’t want to talk about. Because lust begins in the heart first…

We are gentle when we admire a person’s work and find out that many things in their lives were contradictory. The fantasies in history amazes me. That is why I look for the whole truth and nothing but.  I purchase books that told things that the masses couldn’t handle. 

People are deemed to be more influenced in the world with lies instead of correcting what our ancestors and others have done such a great disadvantage… and didn’t get it right.  Hero worship and  the altitude of not having  character has been overlooked.  When maintain what might be obtainable and maintained is when there is a level of order and no lies.  

The masses who cares what they did  and passed over what was so contradictory in their lives. Let’s be honest we still trying to overcome in many areas of human history. Yet, today things are more exposed more than ever. It’s hard for people to grasp that people we placed on a pedestal had more issues than we had. defying many mentors has screwed many religious leaders.  No man can shaken my faith if God is first. Good ideas weren’t always God’s ideas if you lose your sense of purpose. Making excuses for what when and I doesn’t help us it delusions us even further.

 Everyone in the Civil Rights Movement weren’t always men and women of integrity. Yes, it’s important if you continue to holler inequality and the wrongs in which I don’t debate. Yet, sometimes it comes off hypocritical.  It’s different when you are a “so-called” community leader than confessing your are a man of God and can’t seem to tell the truth or be about the truth. I take this folks… with many grains of salt for this very reason. I do understand why the church shunned a lot of these great men in history.  We can’t continue to ride out on how wonderful they were but live opposite lives it doesn’t hold a lot of weight in God.  I already know… what comes up…

Who are we to judge? Well according to the bible that many lie and say they read… It states that the “house of God” is judged first? I Peter 4:17

Now I am willing to believe that we are going to have to be accountable of what we stand for.  No matter how anyone wants to spin this in order to subside their inner monsters… the truth is always in our face it is really what we chose to believe. When you are armed with the “whole truth”  you are then considered to be a danger and in action you are led to be  the outsider. Subtle deception has delusion us in many ways things were conducted in yester years.  Know your history even if it’s taught  by great historians and scholars but more importantly stop being everyone’s turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner…

(Some of you will do you research on the last sentence because it is also apart of a lying history).