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Our condolences to  the lost of lives in Lafayette, Louisiana when another coward decides that he will be disgruntled and take other lives to the graves and maim many. Whether you are a documented gang members or corporate executive with issues. Everyone shouldn’t have a gun. And for those who believe rights are being taken away…Check with some of the bogus gun dealers alongside illegal straw purchases.

Simply as going to a theater is now problematic even in the best of neighborhoods. President Obama even admitted this gun laws are the most frustrating. Even the responsible gun owners should be outraged that “fools and guns” are just a bad mixture. We have to unify on this one, gun owners should be front in center about  many who abuse the rights even for others.  The President is going to have to do more to insure the safety for all of us who lives under the threat of a nut getting a gun! Pray for their families but more importantly we are going to have to challenge our law makers to do more than just talk!!!!