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This is as stupid as it can get for a female. When there is undercurrent  haters petition to run “little old me”  out-of-town.  Ask me if I am afraid? If you know me… than you know I that I am far from scared and that all my battles on are on my knees. What many brothers can’t understand is why there women are this ignorant?  My response this is a cry for help, So, why marry some of these scary females with all of these issues?. There is no category I can’t touch especially when I am in the church and jealousy and envy is huge!

I have dealt with this crap even a little person. This is what made the prayer warrior that I am today. It’s hard explaining to any male just how silly some woman can get.  But each day I am prompted to wear a body camera for my own protection and safety. If  you think it’s a joke, the craziness has kicked up another notch!

The women that smile in my face hugging me and giving those “heartfelt” compliments on how good you look and then go with my sidebar of hates… conferring with the rest of the cackling hens.  Please stop hugging me because I can feel that after while I am going to have to tell you get lost.  You are not my friends and I am not desperate for any friends especially “catty and gossiping” females.

Whatever it is besides the God in me… I need to bottle it up and send it to Saks Fifth Avenue!!!  What warrant all this kind of jealousy?…  Beauty from the inside out!

I have had people to tag along with me so they can see how nuts this is getting. And even  they  are blown away because no one  can’t believe how hateful the  women are. Oh yeah, every now and then God has to send a spy to show people just how bad the jealousy is getting. To keep yourself correct…

You see, most people would believe you have an over exaggerated opinion of yourself… I bring witnesses.. and it’s getting crazier by the second. 

I am sincerely almost a AARP member and people say I am lying about how old I am… Really?  Thanks anyway for the compliment. I am still here and who cares? I have been rumored to have all kinds of surgeries and implants.  And the hard reality is that… I work out everyday, I take care of myself and I rid myself of any toxic energies along with messy people!  Recently I have had women come up to me and ask all kinds of personal questions and I send them on their way. They gather together like “wolves” devising their next set of plans to hurt, harm, or even maim me… The foolishness of day is that many of them are self-proclaimed “Christianity”.  The more demonic side of this… is that’s it’s becoming more and more dangerous for me to be around messy sets of women.  

Again, I have to consider hiring my own security to go with me…of all places in America … to church. It doesn’t matter where I go… there is this influx of ignorant woman swarming in the church and some even in leadership and some got the nerve to act as if they are having God experiences when I know what they have just done cut the fool on me.  You know it’s bad when you have to stay in one spot and go to restrooms before you get anywhere because I don’t trust what is surrounding me.

 It’s difficult to understand why they so they  get “holy” in church but  gives me the hate and the  holy crap outside the doors of the church.

It’s a shame that it gets this far or goes too far… Often times there is no underlying reasons for having jealousy! When  I  walk in the room I have never such hatred and jealousy out of women. I can measure when it’s going to be a good day by the hateful stares young, or old rich or poor, educated and uneducated… all the Hell that they are  going to give me.

 When anyone feels this  threatened then that is really some serious personal underlying mental health problems. 

1) Delusional Jealousy … it’s all in your head..

2)  Obsession … You just can’t let it go looking for more information than the FBI…you’re sick

3)Extreme Obsession  … I have to get a restraining order because you want  to be violent and I just might let you. The security might be for more of your protection than mines! This is when we might have to call in the specialist.

No would believe the troubles I have with these narcissistic  nincompoops. This is when I we might have to call in the professional to get to the bottom of their lack of self-worth!

1) Denying that jealousy exists but your behavior is over the top.

2) Consisting accusing others that an affair exists with your spouse

3) Isolating others from family and friends any hobbies or interests

4) Not allowing others to have any relations outside of you

5) Controlling and Manipulative

6) Lack of trust …

  I wish the foolishness of the day stops here but it will be a book after this point.  Can someone just do me a favor?  If you got a sister friend that act this way get her some help… Maybe you can assess the cries of the insecure sisters in church?  A class can’t dissolve this kind of hatred for another human being.  I guess we are suppose to be the poster children for anti-violence?  I know this to be a lie because I have to deal with racial injustices even in the walls of the church houses!  Jealousy  is a dangerous especially when there is no fear of God but pseudo form of anointing when it’s all  acting out!