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A Chicago Professor  recently shared these words with me and they still rang in my spirit a lot. She expressed the concerns for  our  people who have a history of embracing lies.

“Who make famous leaders or  human beings out of mini-gods, and if you bring the truth that people can’t handle just how much many of them proven to be humans that screwed things up and it’s overlooked throughout history.

The saddest part once you exposed the truth GET READY the people turn on you for exposing that truth”. And even as a prominent Chicago Professor she gets the look when she takes the cover off of things that public needs to know. Being ousted in certain circles because of the truth-telling.” 

Although people say money make things go away … you still have to live with yourself. There will be times you will be challenged to stand up and deliver. People  live distorted lives bases on lies. Regardless of what you are and who you are the truth will come forward. 

Many people fear me based on my strength to stand and tell even if means alone.  The attack to be the one who will speak up about it or write about it. I learned the hard way about when it’s only mirage when the support is not there.

 As radical as  “Christ” was nothing could compare to the ones who actually believe that they have courage when I see cowards. If God has called you….and I said IF… I am no longer taken by surprised from people I “use ” to respect… go into the spirit of compromise. 

 I hear all the gibberish that one might hear especially when they are required to get a spine. My promise to God was to expose the deceit with our people and this institution call the church. Whether you believe God or not… Lies are just lies.  Many like to perfume their lies even with stardom, education, position of authority. Does it make it less than a lie when the offense comes?

The doting shame to make excuses for someone who has violated someone  in some capacity  and attack the person for telling the  truth.  I had to realize how many situations that I had been I had to tell it. Which meant “isolation” which as child I know God showed my mother how to deal with an exceptional child and taught me how to do it alone if I had to. which enables me to stand today.

Unfortunately, When women begin to come forth regarding the “Cosby” thing.  I believed those women and got personal attacks when I said… Something is wrong with this guy and I also shared that this will go so far back that people will make excuses for  accepting he has some serious issues. That was just to raw for people to believe. I don’t care who a person is…Do you know them really? What was very difficult to understand was when people say the women asked for it…Wow! It’s a sick world after all!

Nothing could have disturbed  me more when I heard some of ignorant responses about rape and the timing to tell the rape. No ones knows how distressing it is to live with fears. Fears of telling the truth is what is a major concern all over this country. Whether it’s rape or police brutality.

All because one has money doesn’t mean that he or she can’t be a criminal or have deviant behavior. This reign true for each day that I have to tell you the truth about any  matter. It’s not easy but it is necessary.  I have seen the biggest liars be people you wouldn’t believe and being a person of authority isn’t the exception either!  I have to wonder about the mindset that continually embraces lies and never the reality. Many times we do ourselves  a disservice by embracing what we prefer to believe. What kind of support did the world give. Public opinion or not the scars still remain even after internal healing. 

There are still other levels of being healed and sometimes   apart of that healing is telling the truth about a humiliating  and difficult  situation which might expose what people might not be able to grasp.

The heart breaker for those of us who have to expose lies is that we are often  attacked for being a truth teller.