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II KINGS 9:22… And it came to pass when Joram saw Jehu… “HE SAID IS PEACE JEHU? And he answered “What peace as long as thy whoredome among the mother Jezebel and her witchcraft is so many? 

Apparently Joram knew something about the one that made him into the monster that he became. Who he really was led him astray comfortably. He knew the evil that surrounded him. and undercover he long to be the evil man .   As long as his father  was an alive he appeared one way but after death he was so “easily”  influence by poisonous powers. You know? When people are around certain people the reflect that “temporary” character. Yet, when your back is turned… I am not surprised, because I saw what he or she associated themselves with. No one just wake wicked over night.  It was a process just like anything else in life!

I find it difficult to believe that we can honestly be attached with evil people and not  have a shred of evil in ourselves. You are not hanging out with messy people if you are not messy yourself.  Birds of feather generally hang out with one another.

What is the basis for any relationship is what you need to ask?

Some people hang around manipulators because that is an undercurrent in their character.  Being unequally yoke comes in many ways.  No one really needs to tell anyone that negative behavior is there… they already know, and make excuses for it.  True conversion is never going to come when the negativity is solidified. There is honor among thieves and whores!

Athaliah was like her mother Jezebel, she was religious about her monsters. She saw the opportunity or aka… the weakest link… and asserted her influence by bringing in her tainted priests and  her idols. Her slow seduction influence the King. It didn’t take much. What I know to be true… what’s in people will eventually come out. Athaliah, couldn’t have no more greater influence she just fed the King’s fleshly desires!

Idols today in the church,…1) Corrupted power 2) Status and Influence 3)Wealth and Materialism

If you think I am lying… Watch the idiots go at it,  on who is going to carry the pastor’s water bottle and brief case.  Watch the cat fights among women, watch the jealousy rise when they believe you are getting too much attention… Just watch!!!

Immaturity is great in numbers in the church for various reasons you can’t get matured in Christ in a class especially if the teacher is immature themselves… The main reason for the spirit of ignorance to reside  because in all honesty  there is no real fear or influence of God.  People will get angry when you call them out on the nonsense and the church games… If you are walking in  the SPIRIT OF GOD… The flesh can’t enter. But guess what… Only you can make the real assessment on what is more dominant!

It’s tight but it’s right!

There are many days I take the low roads or even give up the right for the wrong…just to see just how crazy it’s going to get. And it gets nuts!  Opportunists loves the church because in the church is easy prey. That is why the world is dominating the church.  Don’t lie it might be you!

God help us…  They  walk around wanting to  feel important and looking for opportunities to broaden their sense of importance even if it is spreading discord . Leaders make it worse, they know the feeble in the church and they to are easily influenced and or manipulated.  Satan loved to  be adored as well…Where is his new address? Co-signing not so much with their mouths but what they stand for when no one is looking… But remember someone is always witnessing and they ain’t  Jehovah.

Just like King Joram… sleeping while thinking he is awake! The first thing evil men or women whispers to poison the weak in the mind and influence their flesh …They are just “jealous” because I am connected to that person of authority.

But let me debunked this lie.  True messengers of God are sold out to him and not man. And her is a harsh reality for those of us who ignore the evilness of others. This isn’t real power. This is a fake authority “High” on ego and steroids! Satan and all his affiliations, associates and influences are addicted to crowds and  NEVER THE GLORY CLOUD!  

To remind the  evil one…At the top of his madness…

Miraculously reached the wicked King, He didn’t smooth his fur,  he didn’t stroke his ego and fed him nonsense, He didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear, He didn’t lie on anyone to get what he wanted to reach him, He didn’t have to make an appointment to devise plans to become top dog… And he didn’t have to be “jealous”…   

Elijah  simply sent a letter to King Joram to let him know exactly what was going to happened for sending his people in the wrong direction and their demise as well. That’s all it takes with God.

There is  two  KINDS of death, Physical and Spiritual.  Death in the spirit is worse than the physical death because this death is the determining factor of your eternal resting place. This is when you impress God, not in the flesh. The flesh does all kinds od things for the wrong reasons.  It’s proven in effective to gets God’s attention. It’s what’s inside your chest that influences him.  That’ s why saying you are a Christian holds no weight. Too many outside associations are enemies of God even the ones you hold so dear.

You really can’t believe that doing good works qualifies you or makes you in right standing with God. You might impress man but God knows the secrets in your heart.  Doing good stuff isn’t even on God’s top ten. A waste of time getting brownie points with the pastor. God has the final say and you might not be able to handle who didn’t make the cut.

Yet, many churches believe in this. Read your bible… Without real love and true conversion to be a disciple… You  are absent of God, and empty! That is why many look for the world’s approval. And don’t think God doesn’t have an open book test for you to test your GOD METER.

You can’t be full of hate and burning crosses that tags you for a spiritual death BUT IT’S WHEN YOU TAKE UP CROSS TO FOLLOW HIM THAT YOU MIGHT BE IN THE RUNNING! 

You see once Athaliah got in… She had his family murdered and was able to whisper lies about noble men and women of God.  to have them set up to killed to seize her moment. Yet, because he embraced the wrong things in his flesh… things crumbled on his watch and  the city was no place of peace but more crime. Rebellious groups were birth and he lost control. The devil was running it! It took a soldier  like Jehu to get  rid of the mess the King created.

Athaliah, made the King the puppet! Be careful of what we think is right… because of decisions in our flesh! If  liars and troublemakers are embraced among you there will be mark  and blemishes on you even the doors of spiritual death and physical death is “quickly” introduced to you!

What are you hooked up with that is bringing ungodly deaths?

The foolishness of the day… You can’t rebuke the devil and  then allow him to stay!

God said… There is no real peace  or real success among the wicked… Hmmm!