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th (11)Can you run out of love or is the patience that you run out of?  Marriages and relationships are bombing big time because of people’s misunderstanding of what love really means. Love is patience and kind but are you ready for love?

 What is mostly misunderstood is that love might be patient and long-suffering but was must explain… Love isn’t about being the fool.  More than often people ask God for this or that… even the right kind of love but all the while self sabotage because they don’t know how to love.

 The great prophetic word … from the late great singer and poet… Bobby Womack…”If you think your lonely now …wait until tonight”.

We can take these prophetic words many different ways.  When I read the lyrics to this song… It told a story. Although for years I thought I knew  what he said… But since I am  older the meaning of what he expressed… had more than a profound meaning… but it he expresses his concern about someone he loved…who was never satisfied and complained consistently.

 At night seems like whatever you are going through personifies. A cold, your stress, your loneliness…
I have heard some strange stories but really not uncommon. A constant nagger and a complainer  I just can’t handle and I honestly I don’t have the patience for it.  People don’t understand if the relationship isn’t built on love and trust… It will be an empty cycle of looking for things to complain about.  th (6)

The most freeing experience is to grasp what I mean to myself and understand the ripeness of someone who is committed to love you and you to  them. You can’t love anyone until you first love and respect yourselves. 

People misinterpreted “high” gripped emotions  of the flesh instead of true fulfillment to the heart. When true love is there  is  commitment, trust, protection and the proper covering.  The foolishness of what the world say love is…Isn’t!  

 People often equate love with  staying around when you should leave. There are some instances when you should leave.  Love has never been abuse…mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Don’t buy into it…Love corrects and love heals. Love isn’t dilapidating or degrading… It covers and not humiliates!

If someone genuinely loves you there is really no instructions but to just love  you! No strings attached!

Bobby Womack… said in so many words “love ” isn’t appreciated until the dark hours appear. It’s in the low places that you will see where someone is! Appreciation for true love comes to some  comes after the fact of mishandling love. Night time discomfort what you can’t see… may not show all the show visible signs of what is really in someone’s heart.  

Staying with someone because of drama… doesn’t necessarily means its a sign of love but a part of their dysfunction…Sometimes standing up for true love is  leaving the dramas behind and  means you value something different and love you enough not to be apart of your heart string foolishness!