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These are words expressed by Writer65 and not of Pastor Pfleger’s.

Let me share this… If you are  highly sensitive  and religious or this so-called Christians who have issues with talking about sex and  relating to sex and …this might not be the post for you!  I am unapologetic I don’t have this issue! People are having sex and lots of it but for some churches many hide about dealing with  divorce, infidelity and sex!  There is nothing wrong with married people with a fulfilled healthy sex life.thQUDX58LZ

When your spouse is in church going from pillar to post… It’s disgusting to believe this is how it is in church. I agree the church has whores. We got some street walkers that look wholesome but they have a mission. It’s a game folks!

They say,  It’s okay look to dibble and dabble…  So, I guess all the other sexual diseases are welcoming as well?

A  former First Lady, said she lost her “Pastor” husband to an affair that ended up in divorce. And she feels it is  her calling to “save” marriages by  giving marriages a different perspective with some tactful tips on how to maintain a  “spicy” marriage…cough cough…She claims that we need her books to  kick it  up  a little.  All because I am a Christians doesn’t make me stupid about what I need to know about my spouse. If you are still trying to figure it out…you just might be at a lost anyway.  The church is out dated. Talking soft as if you spoke to God on a regular…wont stop the sin sick believers! It’s the truth that has tot told that the people can get free.

To be quite honest…Experience is often the best teacher.  Hype is what the world lives for.  It looks nice so let’s try it  I was told even as a young lady… Keep your business to yourself… People get the low down because of your ability to tell it. Christians are preyed upon because they act as if God is clueless to what the world brings. We are supposed to lead by example…but okay with that.  Having your skirt to floor doesn’t stop one’s real agenda for sexual improprieties especially  with religious people.   Church love to look wholesome but the exact opposite is generally  happening. More wife swap is going on than ever.  There are some things that instigate affairs and just like thieves all whores know one another! So to them, this is apart of the norm.

Let me just share this… Marriage consists of many things and often we can skip around subjects that make some uncomfortable.  Some “Mothers of Zion” get a little offended when I go here but I am going anyway! We don’t cut off our sex organs when we go to church. They are still there…

Attraction occurs everywhere even in the church house. But there is always that danger and that some honestly believe that sex shouldn’t be talked about but divorce is higher among church goers.  Unfortunately, there is a lack of teaching about proper protocol when we are dealing with the opposite sex. Often times people really take their ques on what is allowed and what isn’t inside the doors of the church… I find it odd that many get real religious when speaking about this forbidden discussion… Yet, infidelity and divorce are reaching alarming rates and we say we know God. 

Why the church act like having sex is a taboo… that one has always seemingly blew my mind .  We advocate many things in the church but continue to skip matters that often hinder  the church.  All because it’s not being  discussed doesn’t necessarily means it isn’t happening. We see that many things are turning on the church rapidly and the church is still a little too silent which is no excuse for me not educate myself on what God said and what we are supposed to represent.

We go more push bra’s than ever and clothing so tight… what are the advertising for?   For those old schoolers…who might believe this is “Jezebel”…Nope… not necessarily. Jezebel who is definitely the queen of any seductions,.. But a master of manipulation and control.  Jezebel is a spirit who isn’t gender bias! Tight clothing is indicator that a female or a male now days… Can draw you in on a person’s lust.  Infidelity isn’t just about a seduction with taken off the clothes … It starts in the heart.  And because of this new profound liberation to let everyone be themselves… We continue to slowly leave out the filtration system that set boundaries in our lives especially in the church. We try to so darn proper and not offend anyone…when offenses against God is always on going in the church. Sounds hypocritical…It is! 

It isn’t always push up  bras for the seductress… For sister grandma…that knows that if it’s not  her body she uses are the mouth. She will play the game first with the lies she sells. She has to be chosen in this manner . We have this all wrong when women are chasing men to begin with single or married.  If a female really wants your man she isn’t stealing him he is a willing participant.  He wanted to go!  I see women ready to scratch a woman’s eyes out but never will she challenge that maybe she married the whore!

 In other words she has to talk up on how she will get her prey! We often equate cheating with low down men… Women can be a bit more cunning in her seduction.   Females can tell which man she draws in.  Although many “think” they  have devised clever ways at looking at a woman in the wrong manner… I have peep that game a long time ago…

Lust will find a way of looking and getting what he or she desires even if they are married!  Some women go through a lot of trouble to make sure she locks in her prey with  all of tools and some fool sacrifices his world  for the 30 second challenge.  He finds that bedding her down wasn’t about what is rewarding and fulfilling but what he can tap when no one is looking! Not much substance here!

 Infidelity happens based on the  lust of person’s heart it has nothing to do with spice. He or she might need another kind of spice if that is the real issue.  I warn people to get out of people’s bedroom. You will never know what is sleeping with what. The danger in the pulpit with is saying one thing and living another. Only you know whats happening in your sex life and otherwise… All we can do is tell it , teach it and we need to practice it.

God isn’t against a balanced marriage with a great sex life…  Marriage is definitely for grown folks. Common sense can often times revive a marriage a little less of being selfish can stop divorce. All commitments are off when on or the other keeps themselves on their mind. What compromise has to be made if each person is considerate of what the other might feel.  Christian erotica is that another way of saying soft porn?

We don’t need any cheap carbon copies when like anything else.. Ask questions and get results! From God and your spouse. God orchestrated marriage to produce the family.  So why not inquiry with him with what “spice” and flavor might be necessary to keep a healthy marriage?  No book is going  to keep your marriage together. Dedication and communication is often the key!