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 A woman with over 30 yeas of marriage…married her friend husband. The fireworks of betrayal started many moons ago.

At the family functions you can sense the tension between the man’s former and present wife. The new wife…the home wrecker…while he remains with his fake dignity in tact. He is still called Dad. The now blended family sits together as if the moment he got caught up… was yesterday.

 He was known to be whorish but you married him anyway believing she could be the one that ring his bell to change him. Instead foolishly you got the friend decided they would have mattress aerobics in the married man bed. You come off a little crazy because you think everyone wants your slut of a man. So you consistently misread anything when it comes to him!  Makes me vomit personally!!!!

The tip-off was the first wife sense of knowing he couldn’t  be trusted and followed him.  She hid. He had taken the mistress to his marriage sacred place the bedroom.  The wife came home EARLY… There stood the dumb mistress in the closet she has been busted.  And the husband looking foolish!

And his wife pulled her right out. I don’t have to tell you what really happened do I ? 

The new wife is the” new Christian”  with a nervous condition she can’t trust her husband. She has been the mistress… And yet, again, he has a mistress… It is his son’s girlfriend.  You think this is a “hot mess”…Try knowing who these dysfunctional people are!

To know people with chronic trust issues.  There is no need of accusing every one of wanting spouse.   No matter what assurances that they are getting they are paranoid that you are cheating.  When a marriage gets started on the wrong foot you have every right to be paranoid. You believe the same you got the person, is how you will lose him or her…

Deception and it got married… Yes, you feel stupid… because what you feared… Happened!  Ignoring his issues didn’t relieve you of yours.

As if the lie wont catch up  with you or what goes around what come back to you even if it is 30 years later.

My point…Why sow the seeds of lies and deception…  A person can’t ever relax knowing it all begins with a lie.  They hover and protect what they believe is an asset. The deception is it’s a liability.

 So, you become a nut job playing a detective to make sure your deceptive love wont get out-of-place. When it unravels that’s when you see just how out of control it is.  I share all the time… Marrying  a lusty individuals you wont be the cure-all… You will be miserable. You can’t enjoy marriage because he or she married to their own lusts!