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 There are those who have a chip on their shoulders all the time. I personally, don’t care because it is you with the inner conflict.  When I do care about it when you bring your
“dark funk”  my way.  You can ask them what’s wrong each time…and each time they are just angry with the world. They dine on sheer hatefulness, and chew on rocks breakfast, lunch and dinner…

They prefer an environment that they can control and manipulate …with a posture of  appearing  tough, and rough in the mouth.  And let’s go here…they aren’t the most rational people. Being a person with  a nasty nature blinds them from a heart of love…They adore being nasty, and planting discord they are not happy unless they see someone fall! Where there is smoke there is fire!

What makes a person bitter?…

Sometimes it’s life and other times it is just a mere solution of kicking someone in their pants! When you have a bad attitude no one wants to be around you even more so when you are messy!   Instigators plant seeds of deception so that violence could erupt. The craziness about it all… they always seem to think that they are  the victim…but quite honestly they have predatory lifestyles.  Have you ever been in a situation that starts small and end big and sometimes including death?  Look at everything around you even if they are smiling as if nothing happened!

Although many look at the soft talkers like they are appearing to be mild-mannered they are generally the ones who are most angry.  Often their rebuttals…  So the story goes… I would never do anything  like that or they say ” they have no idea what  happenend.. In fact they know or have their hands in the cookie jar.  They are the ones who are the most dangerous.  They throw rocks and hide their hands!!!

“They kill everything around them with their nasty influences… Bitter Bob and Bitter Betty”…

I use the word messy is because you’d think when you reach a certain age that your outlook may change a wee bit and some level of maturity kicks in.  What’s with the rage?

I don’t expect you to be Mr. Rogers but I don’t think it’s asking a bit much that you attempt to at least act like there is some shred of decency and self-respect. When the funk hits get ready! They aren’t happy unless they spread their misery! 

“When I laugh they frown but let me get you together on all that anger!  God never said that anger was a medicine but he did say “laughter” was a medicine.” And realize that they are the instigators of a lot of violence!

“After church  my family member and I stopped at a the nearby Hot Dog stand. I sat in the car and checked my phone messages. During this time a dark green pick up truck pulled up quickly and parked anyway he wanted. I visibly noticed the was more than inebriated but his posture a little  bit high-strung.  And to be perfectly honest after so many multiple shootings I pay even more attention when you have the high-strung individuals coming in different arenas…

As vehicles continue  to pull in this busy area  people were irritated with how one truck blocked so many from coming in and parking.   I believed he purposely wanted to get some chaos going so he did it to anger others. I wanted my family member out of the restaurant because he was looking for a fight. When she came out inside she said was another man was  inside the restaurant that went completely went off on an African-American woman for having a huge order. He snapped! ”

I have no idea why it goes wrong for some people. Yet, there are some people who go to bed angry and get up angry.  Anger is a human emotion and it’s there for a reason. However It’s  okay to get angry  sin not. How much more do people who spend their lives in church are the most hateful and quite bitter? Often we love these “holy crap rebuttals”… It is what it is NASTY ACTING…  and lets not forget nice nasty! 

And don’t get it twisted…All angry people may not always have a frown…some of them don’t hide behind frowns they expose much of who they are by instigating and prompting negativity among others!  Remember this they will always be the monkey in the middle!