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Generally I actually go away at this time but this year I stayed.  My neighbor has  her Christmas in July party. Each year something dreadful happens… A precursor for disaster I might add.   The neighbors dread it every year and so do I. The neighbors can tolerate the party only for a few hours  but after hours the foolishness and the disrespect for the block kicks in high gear with alcohol and louder music.  Generally I actually go  away at this time bit this year I stayed home.   My neighborhood is very quiet… people come and go doing their everyday business and not getting in yours.  Everyone knows when someone new is on the scene… they are careful and will ask questions!

Unfortunately my neighbor has guests from her native country which believe women are  to be subservient to  men and for their husbands. This one particular individual seem quite  intelligent until he opened his mouth fumed with spirits(alcohol) He has something to say about everything including Americans.  

Now, that the party is over her guest from hell still here he does absolutely but sits on  what is now  getting numb. Nothing annoys me more than a lazy man and a belligerent drunk… Where he comes from he thinks he “reigns” supreme. Cha

Drinking  and sharing all of his belligerence each day we are getting restless and we are praying for the day he departs from this part of the United States. 

Many men are also like him in this country… I can’t understand it and I wont understand  it.   Women have to learn to  multi-task especially if they are married to a chauvinist who is also lazy!  And because I do have a high energy level… I can at least take some energy but Lord have mercy… A dictator but lies down while he does it.  This had nothing with female liberation but the daily operation of just being treated like a human being instead of slave to someone’s insecurities as a male.

Oh, I didn’t tell you Christmas in July party has been over for almost a month… Yeah… you heard it right!  He has an extended vacation stay. Along side accompanied by the other two trusted side kicks.  Relaxing in the sun and the party still goes as she goes to work everyday. Looking absolutely exhausted. I don’t feel sorry for her.  Her husband is the initiator of all this he is consistent in being  relaxed .  It takes all three men to carry one lawn chair. That is all the work she is going to get out of all three of the chauvinist.   The yard is still full  of Christmas in July and the children are getting ready to return back to school. 

… It has been almost a culture shock.  However, I have seen this among our own people. A man does whatever he wants, his schedule never changes he is the ultimate selfish individual ….  why his wife does it all.  He all about “him”. Sadly, we are very confused about the order of the family.  We are supposed to take care of each other. It’s not so much as if times has  changed… yet, look at the imbalance. 

If you ever really listen to a chauvinist…he is always sound borderline hateful and get quite offended when he is challenged.  He loathes a strong woman because he then feels she is inferior. Some actually believe if a woman gets out of line he is to spank her.  Please don’t  even think we don’t have antiquated men on this planet.  Some really believe a strong marriage is when the “wife” does all what he has to say!  Don’t fool yourself this is happening on daily in the workplace, at home and even in the pulpit. Many still don’t believe in women preachers!  Go figure that one! 

As much as our wanted guests are very vocal in what a female is to be to them or what she represents many say that they are call men.  I beg the differ… It’s call modern slavery!

How so ? 

A woman is a physically the equally vessel… but she is the quiet muscles but the public strength even when a male downplays her.  I do understand what men are to be in my life I am  respectful and submissive to what he is suppose represent…Abuse of any kind … is the actual deal breaker!

Respect me as apart of the pillar that holds it together. The “ego” thing is over rated! 

And all I have to say…Is I will pray for you and that there is equal opportunity taking the trash out!