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 “Sometimes you don’t know what’s in you until something happens…What’s in your heart will come out of  your mouth. No messenger of peace speaks with hate!

The Prophet Jeremiah said… ABOVE ALL …the heart  is deceitful and so desperately wicked who could know it. ( Jeremiah 17:9) 

Being outspoken doesn’t given anyone the right to be hate filled or abuse authority.  We are not to race bait or  invoke violence and give the tone that we usurp authority. This isn’t passivity because we don’t respond in this manner  But God calls strength and human restraint. 

All because I am exhausted in some turbulent situations doesn’t give  me the right to advocate abuse, hurt, or maim, anyone and I denounce anyone that has this kind of religious rhetoric.  God is LOVE.  Yet, let me be crystal clear, on my account… I don’t advocate that you hit me…because in all honesty, I am not there… I just might hit you back…  We speak LIFE AND NOT DEATH!

Just like the appendages on the sides of your face… like opinions everyone has them.  Respectfully , I am well aware that we can learn from each other.   When I say we can all learn from each other…it’s without prejudices.   I listen to anyone but I have to draw the  line when the tone changes.  I know that everyone doesn’t like our “Blog” and we are good because we don’t like everyone’s “Blog” either…

Now we are even. It doesn’t make me angry because of this… I just stay focused on what the “truth” is… not my truth but God’s truth.

If there is no respect for Christianity, I understand… Even I am in agreement up to a point because of the blatant hypocrisy of the others and the church. I can only be accountable to who I am and what I represent. I often warn of the shenanigans in or out of the church.

I am  that sucker for love and I am far from being stupid…and I loathe the messiness of others and of the day!  We are all a work in progress! I am not perfect but I don’t ride out on nor abuse God’s grace and his mercy!   

Today, I am somewhat dismayed at the tone of others regarding race, and  police brutality.

God wants us to spread love even if  people can’t receive it. It’s not my job to make anyone a loving individual. God calls me to practice what I preach. What you see is what you get and even more.  We should display it in our lives and in our  speech.   I am very sorry for those who think we should speak in a tone that is not pleasing to God. God didn’t make us punks but he most certainly doesn’t assert a riot in others.

 Pray for those who think they got it and continue to miss it!