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I can recall a situation when  my  mini van was illegally towed by a suburban police department.  Crooked tow truck drivers were in cahoots with the dirty cops  in the particular area.   My plates were then stolen off of my car which someone accumulated tickets on my car in Chicago and at this point I lived in suburbia.  I was livid because I told them the police stole my car….  I can’t tell you how angry I am still at the fact that I am haunted about what I suppose to owe them.

All the trouble they caused me and I owed them…God help!  I had to get to work in a different manner which I wasn’t happy about since I worked in Chicago… long hours and buses never could meet certain times…Which meant I was traveling from daybreak … until  night fall for a 8 to 12  hour job… I spent more time traveling I had to stay in physically good shape. It was stressful!

 … And my day didn’t stop when I got off the last bus… I had to always be ahead of everything in order to just fulfill daily obligations. th7SXRL7QR

This isn’t the end of the story… My van disappeared. Then with the death of my mother and a sick father… I had struggles and troubles… And for my vehicle to be stolen I was more than outraged.

 I had contacted all the people in Illinois who I “thought” like their jobs.  I found out the that there were more cruel people working jobs dealing with the public.

I went into this  newly renovated police station everyone had nasty dispositions including the cops…   I had the frustration of dealing with the police on a regular about my properly  insured licensed  vehicle  asked could I speak to someone  one who liked their jobs.

The desk  cop person, she was flip in the mouth…and didn’t want to address me. And no, I didn’t go in there  with a chip on my shoulder…I worked with the public so I knew protocol when speaking to get a situation handled…Not in there… Although, they had given me this real nice guy who informed me that something “dirty” was going on… He disappeared and no longer was ever employed… No where to be found!

He was an angry Commander,… and I begin to  asked him questions he couldn’t answer…

Odd…Just think you are the lame that is in charged?

I asked?

Hmmm… Okay, I said I am going to go in this corner and have  prayer… they threaten to my lock me up… I wasn’t belligerent… but I reminded the dirty cops…  “Someday God, will expose all the messiness in your department” And this city will be exposed by the corruption.  Did I say… I had family members in political offices… (cough, cough) What did I care…Let them all go to their jails!

By then… I had so many upsets I thought that I was cursed! Honestly, I had so many upsets but it was those upsets that eventually taught me to fight back in another manner!   My point is this…Whether anyone understands abuse of any kind by people in authority… one bad decisions in their department was life altering for me.  Thank God, it was just a van but the principle was you put my life in tail spin and no one cared.

” Police Officer are to be Ministers of Peace”… Okay…  Like anything else in any arena there is corruption. I wont vow for anyone in my  field that is dirty.  And we have some low down people in the pulpit everyday. I can’t understand it ! We know it’s tainted but they stay with tainted reputations and the people sing their praises…

“Yeah right!  That’s not always the case, some humans put those uniforms on and it turns into a cape pumped up on some kind of hallucinogens”.  Remember I wanted to be a  Police Officer… I had nothing but respect for the positions.  All these years later, we still have a problem with the dirty trigger happy and corrupt  cops….


Power tripping with a badge and a gun.  I didn’t come in violence… but they threaten me because I said ” this department needs Jesus”… I went straight Aunt Esther… Everyone was a heathen especially at this point! All because I said I am going to pray…and don’t think I didn’t …

I warned of the coming danger of being exposed for  corruption…and I am blown away that the Mayor is still in office  dressed in the finest apparels and  the town looks dilapidated as if a natural disaster has occurred.   

Many moons later… Now the  County  and the Feds are  riding out on unsolved murders, unfinished rape kits… claims of muscling people…  Mismanagement of monies…  The Chicago Tribune keeps nailing them to the cross… and I waiting any day to  for someone to send me a letter about a law suit against this city that I once knew…wouldn’t dare of moving back in the woods with the clowns now!  And I still have old friends who now work for different  cities because of the favoritism  in the departments with their corrupted colleagues. 

And yes, many cops need to be psych evaluated before, during and  after spending so many years on the  police force… They spend all the tax payers time trying to convince the public they need their jobs and pensions… You know some are  greedy, power trippers, racists, with anger problems…some are domestically inclined… ignored!

Say what? A criminal is a criminal!  Just like any other person who is evil they need to be exposed and handled with their laws !