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Many prefer to believe that our  enemy can’t harm us… but it truly what might be closest to you that might bring the greatest heartaches the sneaky enemy.  People who live in this bubble will get duped the most.  People with hidden agendas will wait it out… to take you down. People are so messed up today and we need to be careful of what we purposely open the door to… believing that they have our best interests at heart… I am not that trusting and this is from experience! People watch you more than you think…this is how  crafty women know that your spouse is lusty and what he likes…they watch what he watches!  Think about it?

“It’s okay to embrace others but I know that if someone who wants what you have they will smooth your fur to get it”… People  will run game and play the game!  We are taught many foolish things when it comes to what we label as belonging to us… Cain slew Abel… so what else you need to know?  Jealousy is even more  dangerous when you can see it and fail to believe it!

My mother and Godmother would warn of the dangers or riding everything too close including inviting people in your personal affairs and relationships.  I had heard this forever but today I will stand by it no matter what.  People are “crafty”. And it wasn’t ministry that had given me this wake up call… It was everyday life!  

The Set up… First, is to get close enough to find out what makes you tick  and the trouble area of your marriage.  It might be what you call a friend and there is no exception it might be a relative. If they find that Achilles heel they know exactly how to divide and conquer.  They listen to you complain about your marriage and taking notes how  to get your spouse and go in with the kill…pretending to understand!  The devil!!!

There are things we might share with one another but I have to be careful of what I am sharing and who with. The “if” I were you are always in your business you can see the hint of jealousy of what you have even if the marriage is faced with some challenges. They know when, and the comfort of knowing you are miserable keeps driving . These  individuals talk about their spouse like dogs and hoping your take the bait. 

There is safety when you seek wise counsel. I am talking about that miserable friend that keeps “gas lighting” or whispering the evil in your ear. Friends like this will bring you more trouble than you realize. They are purposely picking you off.  Misery loves company

 You can hear something for so long and then the imagination takes over… thH4F0ML30

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner allegedly had trouble in their home with the Nanny.  We should be careful of who we invite in our homes and they tear down the family structure.   There is  boundary that should be set even with people we say we trust.  Over the years I have seen guards being taken down because the person feel it is someone who they can TRUST only to come home and find them in bed with each other!

Many marriages are getting burned by what they think they can trust.  A woman who wants your spouse will stop at anything and foolishly a man downplays when his wife spots something he can’t.   He might feel she is jealous or overreacting. If he is flourished with the unwanted attention whatever that is that you invited to your house should be asked  to leave.  And don’t think a family member wont hit on your spouse. It rips the family dynamics down to being bitter.

Combustible situations are looming when you see it and don’t want to believe it.  You live and you learn. You have to keep folks out of your business!!!! People learn your spouse because you tell it! It’s only easy access to bedding them down or destroying your marriage. Divide and conquer.  They will say whatever they feel you need support only to destroy your home!  Of course we can share but often people get back doored with people with whom we have a blind eye to what  they believe that they can trust.  Hotel.com has to stay in my list of contacts.  And because we would like to think better of people.  The excuses range from… Who they are to them to how hard life is treating them. You have to discern when something needs to leave your house or what to invite. I rather be safe than sorry. 

I am careful at what comes to my door  even with family members to stay and what they prefer to leave with.  My guards are high and I set boundaries for what is to be within my circle. I keep folks out of my business… How many times have I seen the pain of what I saw and others fail to see?  People are afraid to speak up that’s not my issue… Why should I feel guilty for telling the enemy to stay out?  

Lots of women  fail to address the Clean Up” Women even if it’s our sister. You will be surprise who hits on you or your spouse when you think no one is looking and will create diversions so that you can’t see who the real perpetrator is.  They will help you get rid of your spouse so that they can invite them in.

Let this be a wake up call for the home wrecking Nannies out there!  They don’t have be just watching your children it might be want you call your closest friend that keeps your spouse always in the mix of the conversations. This way they can stay abreast of what is going on in your life.  They can devise ways of how to make a nest in your head to destroy your marriage and your family!

I don’t need a “Nanny” or anything else in my house or cleaning or  running my house. A huge mistake for many!  Getting too familiar means you just might be getting familiar with something else. With any case… It’s never wise to have your enemies that close …especially when you see things getting imbalanced then  it’s okay to draw the line that might mean getting rid of them out of your life.