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 I recently pulled up at a restaurant, next to me were some children siting inside a hot vehicle. The children visibly hungry .  The female with the children was  apparently waiting on someone else . The female, easily pulled out  and rolled up her “doobie”… aka pot. 

She  begin to smoke her blunt right in front of the children. Whether they were her children  or not,  she got HIGH!!!

She felt disturbed by me looking at her and I looked at her…So she  got out of her vehicle and went to the back of it  and puffed away!  

Yet, this is more than bad parenting, or setting a terrible example.  She call herself keeping it real.  She figures ” I don’t hide my business I am straight up”… 

Oh Sweet Jesus… It’s just plain old stupidity!  Setting in motion to display what you want when you want. She thinks it’s harmless…. But this is who is  breeding  the angry  and the rebellious. Grown-ups with a lack of self-respect and self-control!  Children know when adults are wrong, they often  are subdued into being submissive to the adult bad decision-making and situations!

We see the madness on a regular basis. Unhealthy mindsets are damaging to a child’s growth. What about when the generational nonsense is passed down. And I have seen adults actually believe some of the most foolish things all because a parent said it.  To make better choices… I have to use my head for more than hat rack. Somethings in my life had to stop and start when I said… NO…

All because it sounds right doesn’t mean it was right! 

“Remember racism is taught and people actually thought that was the correct way to be… Add that along with the other family dysfunction and you practically have the spiritually dead”.

A bad parent doesn’t necessarily  have to be master blunt smoker… but a bad parent is also one who refuse to make mature, adult decisions governing a small person’s life. Which can enable the child stability emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Children see too much today and they lack respect because their parents lack respect. People  look to blame others for the lack there  of. Children are imitators.  If  Mom is messy… guess what they know and understand… If Dad, is a philanderer…Guess what they know…Relationships are fickle! 

Some people are in consistent in being  hypocrites. Do as say and not as I do? I didn’t follow that nonsense when I was younger… and it never works…If Daddy was a rolling stone… The image is to disrespect relationships… Being a player is what is demonstrator. 

Some of us know our parents were jacked up, there is no need to lie about it… I thank God for my Mother… My Dad was too immature, I saw it as a child…What does this guy know? I didn’t trust what he said or done my mother didn’t have to speak a word. I didn’t want to go too far with him anyplace. I never trusted his decision making based on how he treated my mother and how he didn’t act like an adult. He was kind of silly to me…

Although I never agreed with  my mother reminding me… How low he could go?  As a child that is none of my business and too much for me to process… You had the child by the man…so deal with it”… We all have gotten caught up in certain emotions when at some lowest points.  When we study to be calm and think about it…the results doesn’t have to end up in the “baby mama” drama!

The two parent household exist more than people think.  You can be physically in the home and still be absent. Mothers hold another kind of weight when it comes to their children. 

The insecure parent is  the one that sends me over the moon.   He or she is manipulative especially if one  decides that  the child  is to be controlled by emotion with their thumb! I talk about messy adults a lot because this  misplaces blame and never take the full responsibility is when  “PARENT ” is messed up!

“All because you can reproduce some actually need not to”.  

From divorce to petty jealousy… I have seen suppose to be adults use children in the middle of their foolishness to make sure the children side with them.  What angers me the most when I see adult fuel a situation based on their own agendas or their own insecurities…with conniving and manipulation.

We will all hate together!  So the children are pawns and they feel terrible as it is… and there is that  head sick parent who has issues of their own make a terrible nest in the child’s head.

 Children are already easily embarrassed and very sensitive and the added pressure of adults makes it even worse.  Some parents purposely “allow” children to participate or adhere in negative situations.  The games the adult play by pitting one parent against another, or the child is allowed to hear the negative ag The childishness of the adult is putting your child in the middle of grown folks nonsense. I have seen manipulative parents who know that their children has the correct attitude and begin to slowly brain wash the child into believing  the wrong way. It’s unhealthy to show and allow your children to witness  all of your emotional crap! 

I am almost amazed at adults who keep up consistent turmoil always believe in their minds that they deserve respect”… you speak one thing but the child see and hear another…

What are showing your child ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS?