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I am not going to debate this  issue. If you are a Christian I pray that you are not involved in the foolishness of the day. False Prophets are in the land. Some of these so called “Activists” entice and plant seeds of confusion, division and enables dysfunction and really have no concept of God’s agape love  and use  just enough scripture to bring war within his people.   

What does the bible say?   There are ways that might seem right to man but it’s not God…Upheavals and inciting rise in the physical or in the spirit realm of bringing dissention.  Something has went awry.  If we are living according to God’s word why are we entangling in the nonsense.  Satan is crafty and he knows that most church going sheep are ignorant and don’t know the bible. If you know it…You wouldn’t side with Soothe Sayers nor liars.  

Do not get pumped up with  hate filled words! Without a peaceful mind  can you render words of wisdom!

The sad part about all of this.   People who I love and maybe once respected has diluted the truth with religious rhetoric or political jargon. I don’t have to answer to anyone because I am not in anyone’s pocket, nor am I looking to be the next American Idol. A messenger of Peace is often delivering some hard truth about how messed up we really are.

I am unapologetic many leaders and pastors are greedy and warmonger.  God speaks life, order but he doesn’t organize upsetting authority by speaking death to his people.  Life is Life… we add the color. It is the dumbest thing in this world is to be prejudice and  or racists. Satan is smarter than the average church goer because even he knows that the mind is led by the senses! 

If you  call yourselves lovers of God please don’t get caught with fancy hermeneutics… Heaven is well blended in race and status… It’s the politics, mere mortals and religion that takes this world down the tubes!  God is love and it’s never shared… God is wise is very likely duplicated…

If so, Ego and controlling someone is left at the altars or underneath our feet! BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET THAT THOSE WHO CARRY THE GOSPEL NOT DISPEL IT!!!!  BREATHE PEACE!!!