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When someone comes to me and vent about a present situation that requires more of them they often are offended. People get all bent out of shape over the smallest things and they know that it requires more angry because you had the courage to say it or be it.  

TRUE STORIES…Recently a woman came whirling to church with issues with her  son. This is the same son, that I helped with his lunch money  and she tried to give me the business for helping him . So, I stop paying for it and backed off entirely from the whole dysfunctional crew.

I was about to  pray  this particular Sunday, because I needed it more than anyone else. The attacking  monsters had been great this summer!   She was screaming and  lashing out  at me and to told me  that the child will have to come stay with me and then she called him  “N” word… and I snapped… Here  was  the deal breaker… The child’s  father  and family is right there and she is screaming at me… Sounds real dumb … It was!

Another story…

I  can recall when someone wanted me to look over some documents that had to be presented in a  law suit. When I am dealing with immature, stiff neck  I  don’t offer any assistance… I keep my distance.    I asked immediately about  the confused jargon on the paper. 

Immediately her nostrils flared… her attitude exuded…  She went off on me…

And instantly… I told her you will have to learn all lessons the hard way and I totally dismissed her.

She then tried to give me a piece of her mind …  then came the warning… ” I expressed the danger of bucking wisdom when it’s clear that she lacked it.”… I am a stickler about dealing with anyone with a terrible attitude… I don’t bother. Whatever your issue is , respect the order in your presentation even if it is not in the atmosphere”.  By the way she came back to say her documents with a fake apology… because they  were dismissed by the courts she needs my help to get them together…

I kindly reminder her of what she has to do and because she told me all what she felt… and to add that to her documents!  IT’S A NO GO…”Some people have to crash and burn. You have to decide if what you contribute will make them grow up on or co-sign on their own demise”.  I knew even if I help the attitude was still the same and she wasn’t going to perfect her funk on my watch. Pride and being a fool  mess a lot of people up… when its’ not right it isn’t right! 

I am really concerned just how messed up people are… Right is wrong… and now wrong is right.  No respect …Character is a time waster…More and more have I never seen so many adults still throwing temper tantrums and the immaturity level of adults and parents today is a disgrace before and God and heavenly host!

MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED… Every time I have to go against the grains there will be opposition. Most of the time I try to keep it together and then there are those moments I go there… Confrontation sometimes is necessary.  Self reigns supreme today forget about respect for others.

Standing up for what is right means you get to see the nature of who someone is.  I have seen the intimidatory or the bullies always have to gather together to launch their attack.  In my heart I already know how it goes because you have dealt with rejection a great deal especially when it comes to correction.

There is always someone I might peg to have some sense of  integrity until that right moment shows up to intervene and who they are and their followers  “just sheer ignorance”…  My heart wants to believe better but I know better… I have been down this road too many times. I had to discern when to keep my distance with people. They will love you as long as you let them take advantage and do what they want.

People get highly upset when you pull the cover off of their garbage. And because you told them the truth…they actually believe that their behavior is acceptable.   You will be the best thing since slice bread until you  either expose something or  tell them there will be change.  The indifference starts and true colors personifies. The real person shows up   when you challenge their negativity  and bring about changes that they have such a problem with.  It’s then and only then you will see how people will flip on you. 

Get over the shock that they never liked you nor respected you it’s what they got out of you more so than what you have gotten out of them!