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One of the most hilarious moment was  when  a mother was speaking to me about a situation. I knew she was lying and the child  out of revenge  burst out that “she is  lying”.  I didn’t  try to hide that I heard what he said… The embarrassment was enough for me!

How many times have your parents warned you of hanging out with the wrong people? Yet, you felt they didn’t know the person like you “think” you did…But you found out later not only was your parents correct your new buddy was worse but you never told them. 

Then the child see you engaged in the wrong behavior and is angry because you said one thing but they see another side to who you are at home.  God help… let it be one of those ” super Christian in public but a devil in private!!!

The child is sitting on the truth like a time tomb… waiting to set it off… Th y will hold it as ammunition next time you try to correct them about something wrong.   Attitudes are then “express” to  you what you told them.  We tell our children the do’s and don’t and then they expose you.  Where is your consistency with what you believe in?

Is it the truth?   You tell your children one thing and they visibly see that you are not to be trusted.  Your child knows who you are better than you think they do!

In my day you weren’t allowed to question about adults the adults did all the questioning. 

When I was younger my “Grandmother” would work her craftiness with people with her  half truths…and her angelic soft-spoken personality.  Oh she had many people fooled…  but I knew… underneath  the so-called Christian Church Mother…the devil! 

And my respect level for her never was the same when she lied on me… and I burst out “your mother is a liar”… My Mother… had my head! She scolded me first for disrespecting her mother… I stood my ground.  My mother had my elbows so far toward my shoulder. For those of you know the pain of the elbow flying held firmly. 

I didn’t want  to know why did she lie I always saw my grandmother for what she was ? I was so anger and beet red. My mother came with the warning about the smack to the mouth.  My brother thought he would faint … He yelled for me to “shut up”… and let it go… I was livid that a  so-called Christian older woman was lying.

When my mother saw my determination  for her to take the elbow off… I wasn’t going to change  my story. At that this point I knew my mother was hurt that her mother lied!  Things like this stayed with me. I stayed away from her mother  from this point on. The relationship between  has  always been  turbulent  I exposed her… Since I last saw her  she was even worse .

 My mother knew her mother was a manipulator. She knew she wasn’t going to shake what she taught me …Stand up for  myself even if it meant my mother had to expose her mother as a liar.  She did!  They save our relationship…when she sided with the truth no matter who or what!

As painful as many things that has come in our lives it’s easier believing that our monsters are not our monsters. As a minister many get sucked up into who they like and  who they favor.  I have seen leaders go along with the most demonic  folks based on blinded senses.

Instead of siding with the truth the danger is this that  many leaders miss the truth because this is who they like, then the rules change. Their personal picks and choices are wrong!    

This still makes my face fiery red…   I have lost respect for many people who go along with people all because one think they know them… and fail to examine  all the facts fairly unless it’s their cause they could care less…

Then the embarrassment come… they are duped by their own personal choices and just like my grandmother I they are exposed. 

Today, It seems like I am the one who always catch the madness… I  watch and I pray… As I mature in God I merely lead people to the right direction to do their own research about who they “feel” is correct.   And still God steps in  always expose them for who they are. 

Yet,  one the most difficult part in ministry is talking to adults about their behavior and what they attach themselves to.