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“Bragging… means you are the “center” of your  universe. Self rules reign supreme. As many lie and say look at what God has done basically, in their hearts they want to say look at me at what I achieved.  By the way ” Oh yeah thank God”.   

 On the other night… an old 1966  movie came on called “The Oscar” .  This  movie star,  Frank Fane was finally nominated for  Best Actor  “Oscar” and while he sat to  hear his name as being the  “winner”…

He “reflected” on how  he got started and forgot about who many people he and stepped on to get there and how he first of all  “stumbled” into acting.  Someone close to him reminded him just how ruthless he was to arrive in the seat  he was sitting in.   You “ego” and pride always paint another picture in the narcissist mind.

He purposely and vindictively sabotaged others who he thought didn’t help him. He overextended his life living a life he couldn’t pay for!  He becomes “box office poison” he is no longer popular….  and  he lucks up and become “nominated” …

“Note:  Not a Blessing…He opened up his life to be “cursed” and deceived himself into believing it was apart of his hard work… Huh?

Yet, he had that  one person in his life who he loved who was a costume designer who stood up to him with the truth  and didn’t get caught up in his shenanigans like his adoring fans.

She knew the other side of him… and  warned him that he would  crash and burn. 

Sadly as much as ‘he thought “he was using people they used him… for “short-term” gain…Going to the top he was very manipulative and hurt a lot of people along the way….  What a fool!

Sounds familiar? So, because of who he really was he hired a ” crooked”  private investigator to  secure his win.  So he inflames his own ego by leaking information to smear someone’s reputation… to gain sympathy and that meant hurting two people he … and encourage people to vote for him.

And the moment comes when he hears his name Frank and he stands up in embarrassment and it’s someone else … and its Frank Sinatra… His just dessert arrives He is left devastated and humiliated for all the world to see!  The same people he hurt… watched his agony and applauded that he finally got his due…

 We know people just like Frank…  A legend in  their  own mind… And fools like “Frank” mistake  camouflage curses for blessing…  Frank , walked through many doors because  he forced  them open and never God … He was cursed from day one. from one bad decision to the next when he decided he will  abuse his power and influence to power, popularity and gain. In in his last days…  He  wasn’t so blessed!!!!

I hear when people decides that God is beneath them. It’s in their actions and in their posture. Look at every pulpit pimp in America. Satan baits us with stuff. To be honest bragging on  God is no brownie points with him. It’s God’s stuff!…It’s what you worship that is counting the most.  God knows that people give  more “lip service” than one would like to believe! 

Let something takes them off the throne, they are in total disarray when things in life become ajar because no one will no longer look at them and their stuff. When one advocate it’s all about God, then God will come first.  Oh by the way lets add God so that this can “appear” legit…

To test the “spirit” let them go “without”  audience participation  for a minute and you will see  defeat based on that they are not popular and no longer in demand. They have to appear “big” when so little has them. 

One of the most misused word besides “love”  is “blessing.  The ignorance of most who believed that they are blessed honestly feels it’s something that they earned. In fact, people often misconstrued  material wealth as a blessing but in all honesty it’ a part of “The Blessing”. 

The language of the world is consistent with the word  blessings they have no idea what it is… as long at it seems beneficial.  “The Blessings are apart of  God’s promises and commitments to you .  It is limited to what they can feel instead of what is transformative.  Driving a fancy car isn’t a blessing if you are struggling to pay for it.

There is a huge difference in relationships and religion. Many are committed more to “self” than they realize, so they brag. Bragging is all about self, ego and status.  Let me drop this dime on those who like to share  with others what they  got…instead of being apart of what they have to  share. It’s all about them! 

The Blessing is empowerment, that  it is being under the umbrella of God. It’s not limited to things but things might be apart of it. 

Yes, there will be challenges in life but it is God who gives this power to get wealth. What is money if you’re too sick to spend it. Satan gives away stuff all the time…Having  material things and status doesn’t necessarily means you are blessed…  A dope dealing feels the same way! When you are “blessed” it’s a place of being low and God is exalted no matter what. God doesn’t need your thank you  because it’s his. ..but you need  his blessings so he needs to be thanked!

The Blessing of God is assurance… it’s humbleness, confidence and security…you don’t need to brag. misled or hurt others. Bragging instantly tells me “ego” is involved and lacking. For the most part there is no muscles to be flexed people will toot your horn for you!

God’s goodness doesn’t need Face Book or any of the social media to pump up agendas or your big heads … For the most part people will want what you have and you dont’ have to say word…. When you are blessed it shows…only God gives this and never man!  Many believe that just  like “Frank” God will give them an Oscar… all you might receive is further embarrassment!