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“A woman that I know about , her husband molested all of her children and other children.  One  child became a Pastor the others were harden criminals and murderers.  The men were extremely abusive the daughters hated their mother. The truth didn’t have to come out it was proven that something was wrong in their homes many times they had money! I know that people with money and influence can hide their monsters better!

Today their mother is battling cancer, and Dad is rotting  not that far admiring all the little children even in  his old age. All of the damage the mother caused by not exposing her “nasty husband”. She kept the secret and allowed it to go on forever. Every service that got involved when one child told it to extort money from the grandparent. Another deviant in the making.

 People were call to after one of grandchildren that was molested and set the house on fire.”  As a child he was placed in a Dallas mental  Health Facility .  Now an adult with his own children and you can’t come near them!

My mother was stern about the sitting on a man’s lap and spending a night at everyone’s house.  Sleepovers for us were  simply out almost. If we went you better believe my mother would investigate all the freaks in your family to see how is addressing what. All of us have  had those creepy males, nasty uncles, or family members who seems to be all over the place.  

Your husband, grandfather or whomever they are can’t hide that they like children or come off a little touchy feely.  They are strange and many like to ignore that someone comes of as a sexual deviant. They  hug too long, they love the chest bumps and the rubbing of your skin!

Sounds  yucky?  You have one near you!

I can’t even share how many of these “freaks” I come across and unfortunately a lot of them are married! When I did how many of my  affluent neighbors had to register as sex offenders… I had to make a point they weren’t in poor neighborhoods as many like to stereotype. God is pulling the covers off…and Americans really need to stop co-signing on the filth in this country!  Why are so many getting side swiped when a person one might respect, celebrity or a person of authority gets caught with his pants down! Money ignores a lot of things but when the truth whirls out public opinion blows up social media. But I asked the question every time. 

Why didn’t someone blow it out of the water before it got this far? You know your  “Daddy” was nasty… but some will hide the secret that they were fondling and or molested by a family member. So, the freaks circulate like boxes of candy!  Smooth going down but the hips will show the calories and he impact of what we never dealt with.  The hardest thing for a female to do is admit she married a pervert.  They can molest the whole family line and live with the guilt until that very one with determination is going to expose the freak of nature!

thCL11X1XSAnd let me tell you what honestly disturbs me about women who get involved or marry Uncle Fester. For one, you are not going to change any man who has a spirit of perversion or lust.  Don’t marry a whorish man  or one that has a eye problem.  A covenant begins in the heart and eyes of anyone. What are you looking at?

Ignoring that your father loved the ladies and the ladies love  your father is a clear indicatior something might be off in the marriage. There is no level of self- control!

What’s going on in mainstream society is no different from our past history about how the rules somehow change when you have status. Situation are swept under the table or things mysteriously go away!

America itself blows my mind…What it has  been easily embraced in our westernized customs. No one wants to really say anything sounds like our country equilibrium is definitely off.  Certain excuses for the “elite” as if money makes the individual have character. Society can embrace  a bum as a serial rapist… but don’t let it be someone with status and or wealth the bad behavior ignore!

 I guess if we continue to repeat the lies and the ignorance we will believe it. No one wants to rock the boat.  Many are careful about what they say they might not get too many “likes” on the pages of social media. A Fool’s Paradise!

What’s wrong is now being made right, and what is right is now being man wrong. The television Dad’s of yester year are for sure gone!  Daddy is more than a rolling stone… but the stone now rolling on Daddy!  As much as country like to embrace a family no one wants to share about how much family dynamics are being torn apart. When your Father is a sexual deviant just how long will the secret stay hidden?

When a family keeps the family secret of this magnitude before you die I pray a lot more of you be exposed.  Some of you know someone or has family member that has done these kinds of things but instead of protecting people you become apart of the problem. The embarrassment and shame shouldn’t start because you have or had  a perverted father.  The humiliation should come in is when you are a co-conspirator and co-sign with your silence!