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thL7NOS62U A FRANK SINATRA SONG… I DID IT “MY” WAY…  What in the world has happened to people doing what they are told and maintain respect for those who have authority over them? PLEASE TELL ME.  How does one work for someone and don’t want to follow the rules? The craziness is that we have allowed other folks rebellion to define what we stand for in our homes, communities, country  and even our places of worship”. Here is the truth about sincere “transformation power” as a Christian we don’t have to break rank to prove our point…God does that for us!

You can’t just walk in my house removing or changing things around. Yet, so many walk into other establishment strong arming with their gossip, cliques, and their games! Do it my way or else!

Never in my life and I mean never have I seen so much disrespect for authority and  people who disdain truth and order. You can’t hardly teach these knuckle heads because you have to then travel down the family tree and  see where the root of the foolishness comes from.  Adults are just as nutty as the offspring. 

People are looking for what is politically correct to say, so that it goes over better and make people feel better.  Too much sugar-coated problems that are stemming from this take over spirit. Everything is really easy it’s the human behavior today that is extremely off the meter !

Yet honest ministries are faced with people who don’t play nicey- nicey in the sandbox.  And you have to exude some level of authority because they can actually sense “weak” leadership. The baits are already in place in anything you have to be prepared to deal with what comes next.  Sometimes  most people who attend church come from the wrong the reasons and along the way  a few stumble for better.   More than often people like to ignore  the challenges because it will require something extra.

That is why we have more violence and disrespect because of the lack of boundaries given to people.  When you bring order get ready people will show you who they are.  And people who don’t respect order bring chaos and set the atmosphere to breed more rebellion!thL7CLCQVV

I am witnessing the onslaught to just “wild out”  even in the church.  This isn’t normal… this is rebellion. Unfortunately Okay,  there  seems to be no  problem with the  ignorance and rebellion.  

Many are careful not to offend anyone but excuse me…all of your ruckus is messing a lot of us up!  Quietly in the corner there is the messiness. You don’t have to look very far the apple ain’t fallen that far from the tree.  As much as the church is suppose advocate peace and harmony… a lot of spiritual housecleaning needs to take place.

It’s a crying shame when you have to remind a Christian about negative behavior. We do more babysitting people than ministering to them the way God orchestrated that is why so much “rebellion and discord” is inside the church. The lack of  the order of God.  Ministry is never for the spineless and it’s definitely not for the mean-spirited  hellions.

What’s in your heart generally will flow out of your mouth sooner or later. The danger is that I detect  too many bucking authority to make their point. And what exactly is that? Where are you gainfully employed and you do what you want and when you want?  Where I come from you  would be fired or relieved from your duties. So-called Christians are riding some lines God doesn’t agree with.  Rebellion is and always will be disorder. 

As a Christian God reminds us even when we don’t like the  abuse of authority over us we are to pray for them.   God has a way of bringing things to the forefront without you using evil protest or subliminal suggestions.

Yes, there are things we must stand for but there is still an order and a level of respect in which things are to be done. We need to be careful with what spew from high emotional charges. God will hold us accountable for what we label as coming from him. Next time you want to express yourself at the wrong time… Sit down and “SHUT UP” and think about it!